Find Your Spark

See yourself – and the world – with newfound clarity. Our programs directly connect you to noetic experiences and help you deepen your journey, wherever you are on your path.

Take a Course

Inner wisdom, meet outer change.

With direct-experience programming backed by scientific discovery, IONS offers a diverse range of powerful workshops, classes, and retreats to deepen the way we understand ourselves, our world, and our purpose.

Lucid Dreaming and Living Lucidly

A four-week online workshop with support and guidance provided by Robert Waggoner, Gillian Thetford, and Ed Kellogg.

Possibility Accelerator Experience

A research-based program focused on noetic concepts, tools, and practices to support you in creating personal or collective transformation.

ConnectIONS Live

Led by IONS scientists, educators, and partners, these free online webinars feature presentations on cutting-edge noetic research and experiential transformative practices.

Discover More of Yourself

Transformation starts within. Experience noetic practices to discover, explore, and expand your place in our interconnected universe. Find a program that is right for you.

Conscious Aging Elders

Conscious Aging

Grow, reveal new purpose, and create opportunities later in life.

Get Empowered

Communication, Consciousness, and Change (C3)

C3: Consciousness, Communication, and Change

Tools for breakthroughs in our communities.

Level Up Today

Mindful Motherhood

Mindful Motherhood

For new and soon-to-be moms, enrich your connection with your child.

Connect Deeply


Research-based programs to help you create transformation and well-being in your local community.

IONS Community GroupsIONS Community Group Facilitator Training

Deepen the conversation – start an IONS Community Group in your area!

Free Training

Worldview Explorations KidsWorldview Explorations Facilitator Training

Assist middle and high school-aged young people to recognize different perspectives.

Explore Worldview Literacy

Mindful Motherhood Training for FacilitatorsMindful Motherhood for Professionals

Training to facilitate Mindful Motherhood Groups or integrate components into your work.

Empower New Moms

Conscious Aging Facilitator Training

IONS Conscious Aging Facilitator Training

Help elders explore the bounty and challenges of the later years of life.

Re-imagine Aging

Noetic Wisdom for Challenging Times

Featuring special guests, these webinar recordings focus on how noetic insight can support us in several of the domains that feel particularly disrupted right now. Please enjoy viewing these videos!

Noetic Global Gatherings Archive

Our free, online presentations bridge scientific research and experiential discovery to better understand a timeless truth: humanity is deeply interconnected. View the video archives to explore how we can each create a noetic future.

Research Training for Scientists

When on the forefront of scientific research, we often find techniques, tools, and practices to share with the larger scientific community. Whether you are newly a scientist exploring the field of noetics, or a seasoned researcher, we offer videos and trainings to expand your capacity.


Introduction to Consciousness Research

Leaders in the field discuss tools and techniques for budding scientists.

Dive In

Future of Meditation Research

Future of Meditation Research

Gain next-level meditation knowledge to enhance your research practice.

Start Now

Explore Programs Held at EarthRise

In addition to the great programming put on by IONS, discover a diverse array of transformational workshops, classes, and retreats from visiting teachers, facilitators, and researchers.

Integrate Your Experience

Our research shows that lasting transformation is supported by a robust community and ongoing exploration and learning. To support your new perspective and the ongoing, life-long process of transformation, weave yourself into our expanded community of noetic explorers.

Explore our expanded offerings below.

Resources for Emerging Noetic Explorers

IONS NextGen weaves together direct experiential practices, scientific discovery, and community engagement to support and help emerging noetic explorers thrive.

Community Groups

Check out our IONS Community Groups for exciting ways to get more involved with noetic conversations and practices. Find like-minded people in your neck of the woods interested in taking our scientific exploration and personal discovery out into their lives and the world.

IONS Conferences

IONS is honored to curate the world’s largest conversations on noetic sciences and its impact on our culture and our world. Learn about our upcoming conference, explore talks, and gather resources from leading thinkers and scientists from past conferences.

Find the Experience That's Right for You

Explore our upcoming trainings and events that will amplify your experiences of well-being, innovation, and transformation.

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