IONS Discovery Lab

Unlocking the mechanisms of transformation embedded in wisdom practices, extraordinary experiences, and healing modalities.

Modern Science Investigates Ancient Wisdom

For millennia, people have reported extraordinary experiences through wisdom practices and traditional techniques that have led to advancements in technology, business, education and personal growth. We intend to unlock the mysteries embedded in these transformational practices.

The IONS Discovery Lab (IDL) is exploring an overarching hypothesis: everything is interconnected, and embodying this awareness reveals information and energy not limited by space and time, and can profoundly amplify transformation, innovation, and well-being. We seek to answer three important research questions about this hypothesis:

  1. What is the relationship between interconnectedness, extended human capacities, and transformation, innovation, and well-being?
  2. Which experiences or practices maximize these factors or their relationships?
  3. Which personal characteristics lead a person to benefit from experiences and practices based on these factors?

To answer these questions, we are collecting data from thousands of people who participate in workshops, seminars, retreats, and other programs, providing the core measures online to reach a global audience. The  IDL core measures are currently available in English, Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, Mandarin, and German. The data collected will allow us to conduct multidisciplinary, translational, and unprecedented research on the effects of noetic practices.

Access the IONS Discovery Lab Anywhere in the World

Benefit from our groundbreaking work at IDL, no matter where you’re based. Participants can access the IDL measures from anywhere in the world, making it ideal for programs based in the U.S. and those with international clientele.

We are excited to support you in enhancing the impact of your workshop or retreat!


Delve into our other main research program a comprehensive, application-driven project focused on the mind’s influence on physical systems, that has the potential for breaking reality as we know it.

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