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Led by IONS scientists, educators, and partners, these free online webinars feature presentations on cutting-edge noetic research and experiential transformative practices.

Energy healingWitnessing Energy Medicine: Perceptions of a Clairvoyant Seer

Friday, October 30, 2020
11:00am – 12:00pm

The first of three deep dives into the IONS Energy Healing Pilot Study

Despite growing evidence of the positive health benefits of some energy medicine modalities, there is no consensus within the scientific community for how energy medicine works. In an effort to fill in the gaps of our knowledge, IONS conducted a large pilot study to better understand the effects of energy medicine and find clues regarding it’s mechanism of action — the means by which these modalities can affect the body. Join us for a free webinar where Drs. Helané Wahbeh and Garret Yount will review the results of this data and discuss the implications of their findings.

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Energy Medicine and the Heart

Friday, November 6, 2020
11:00am – 12:00pm

The second of three deep dives into the IONS Energy Healing Pilot Study

An innovative component of IONS recent pilot study of energy medicine modalities was the synchronized collection of heart waves (electrocardiography, or ECG) of both the participant and the energy medicine practitioner. Join Drs. Helané Wahbeh and Arnaud Delorme as they share the results of this pilot study, including how participants’ heart waves changed from the beginning to the end of the energy medicine session and the similarities of participant and practitioner signals.

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From Water to Ones and Zeros: Objective Measures Correlated with Energy Medicine Sessions

Friday, November 13, 2020
11:00am-12:00pm Pacific

The third of three deep dives into the IONS Energy Healing Pilot Study

In a typical energy medicine session, the practitioner focuses on the health and healing of the specific client. However, the very idea of this healing modality suggests a “field-like” phenomenon. Fields are generally not localized, but extend through space. This raises the question as to whether the application of energy medicine also extends beyond the practitioner and the specific client. Join us for a free webinar where IONS Scientists Dr. Dean Radin and Loren Carpenter delve into the mysteries of water and energy healing.

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Noetic Leadership Session 3

Noetic Leadership: An Inspirational Quest — Session 3

Friday, December 4, 2020
11:00am – 12:30pm

In the third and final installment of our special Fall Noetic Leadership series, Sounds True Founder and CEO Tami Simon will join Claire Lachance in a candid, deep-dive into the opportunities — and challenges — facing leaders who strive to integrate inner wisdom with intellect to drive decision-making from a recognition of our true interconnection.

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Past Events

Key Lessons on Life and Living from Death and DyingKey Lessons on Life and Living from Death and Dying

Recorded on September 4, 2020

A special joint webinar between IONS and the Scientific and Medical Network with three extraordinary panelists who have all spent decades working in the field of consciousness, dying and death. Panelists Peter Fenwick, MD, Marilyn Schlitz, PhD, and Karen Wyatt, MD, discuss essential issues about life and death that we all face. What are your key values and priorities? Are you living these now? If not are there any changes you might decide to make? Tune in for a valuable and engaging session that may well provide you with fresh hope and inspiration.

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Consciousness After Death

What is the evidence, what survives, and how do our beliefs about it affect us?

Recorded on September 11, 2020

In both media and scientific research, much attention has been paid to the questions, “Is there life after death?” and, “What do people believe about the possibility of life after death?” Several studies about Near Death Experiences (NDEs), apparitions and hauntings, mediumship, and reincarnation suggest that consciousness does persist in some form after someone dies.

In this webinar, three expert panelists explore the current evidence on survival of consciousness research, how it is beginning to gain acceptance in clinical settings, and why people often don’t share that they’ve had an NDE.

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The Space Less Traveled

The Space Less Traveled

Recorded on September 18, 2020

Join IONS Board Chair Claudia Welss in a celebration of our founder Dr. Edgar Mitchell’s 90th birthday. In conversation with the filmmakers of the upcoming documentary, The Space Less Traveled, we’ll get a rare look into his incredible life story through the eyes of Antares Davis (Edgar’s goddaughter) and Cameron Jutte, and even hear from the man himself via clips from the feature-length film.

From personal stories about Edgar’s childhood in New Mexico to his revelation in space that led to the formation of IONS, we’ll explore what drove the Apollo 14 lunar module pilot, moonwalker, and American Hero of the space movement to inspire a movement in consciousness.

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Noetic Leadership: An Inspirational Quest

Noetic Leadership: An Inspirational Quest — Session 1

Recorded on September 25, 2020

Tune in for this intimate conversation with Alan Briskin and IONS CEO Claire Lachance as we ask: How can noetics shed light on a new way to lead in times of transformation and challenge?

We are honored to announce a series of three provocative Noetic Leadership deep-dive conversations this Fall. The evolutionary moment in human history unfolding before our eyes demands a new approach to leadership. Our intent with Noetic Leadership is to raise the bar of conversation — while complementing other transformative leadership models — by offering a lens focused specifically on leading from interconnection and inner wisdom. Dialogue, debate, candid personal inquiry, and active practice will drive our gatherings and ongoing journey.

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Noetic Resilience in Challenging TimesStanding Strong: Noetic Resilience in Challenging Times

Recorded on October 2, 2020

What is noetic resilience? Replay this experiential webinar that explores four noetic approaches that can help create a robust sense of well-being and thriving through times of crisis. When confronted with ongoing threats and challenges, every one of us can fall into tensing, checking out, becoming immobile, defended, isolated, fearful and anxious, or knocked off balance. This is our opportunity to build greater levels of flexible strength, so we can bend, and not break, in the windstorms of life. Based on the latest science of stress resilience, IONS Fellows Dr. Cassandra Vieten and Dr. Michael Sapiro share noetic practices to cultivate hope, flexible, resolute strength of being, and connecting with what remains unchanged within us.

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Shifting Ageism: How Consciousness Affects Our Experience of AgingShifting Ageism: How Consciousness Affects Our Experience of Aging

Recorded on October 9, 2020

While aging is universal, individual experience of the process is impacted by, among other factors, our beliefs, our resources and demographics. For ourselves, our communities and our planet, how we age today is unsustainable unless we can shift our consciousness about aging. That consciousness, in turn, can help us better understand our interconnectedness and allow us to shift toward aging consciously, which can feel more connected, empowering and transformative. Join our panel of experts for a discussion about cultural and personal perspectives on growing older, as well as what some have called the inherent noetic nature of aging. Together, we will consider a shift in our consciousness, beliefs, and attitudes about the inevitable process of getting older.

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Do Children Recall Past Lives? An Exploration of the Evidence

Recorded on October 16, 2020

A joint online event from the Institute of Noetic Sciences, the Galileo Commission and the Scientific and Medical Network.

On October 16th we took a fascinating look at the scientific research of children who seemingly remember previous lives. In investigating more than 2,500 individuals from around the world, researchers have uncovered many cases which identified a deceased person whose life story matches the details given by the child. Common features of these cases include: a child speaking of a past life at a very early age; behaviors that appear connected to a past life, such as phobias related to the mode of death; and birthmarks or birth defects that correspond to wounds of the deceased person.

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Noetic Leadership Session 2

Noetic Leadership: An Inspirational Quest — Session 2

Recorded on October 23, 2020

Watch this provocative conversation between IONS CEO Claire Lachance and Dr. Anita Sanchez as we continue our inspirational quest to define the role of noetic sciences in leadership, at a time when humanity is confronting extreme challenges and an invitation to rapidly evolve. In this second installment of our special Noetic Leadership series, we explored how indigenous wisdom can inform and inspire our ability to lead from a fundamental understanding that we are all precious relations — People, Spirit, and Earth. Anita shared insights and practical examples from four decades of advising thousands of global leaders. Claire and Anita also offered a live practice to help leaders of all types embody the noetic in daily life.

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