Collaborations with Like-spirited Organizations and Educational Institutions

The Institute of Noetic Sciences has a long history of collaborating with like-spirited organizations and educational institutions, and this remains a key part of both our strategy and mission and our belief that only collectively can we address the many challenges of our time. We are grateful for the connections we have forged with organizations that provide funding, moral support, and outreach to our online followers.


These organizations, like IONS, are working toward a greater understanding of the nature of reality for the betterment of humanity. IONS work is greatly enhanced by connections with like minded organizations such as these, and we are grateful for their collaboration in support of the “noetic handshake” between science and direct experience.


These organizations share our interest in reaching a broad audience with information, opportunities, and resources for noetic science and experience. We work together to amplify one another’s messages through our communications. Our amplifiers are key to expanding our reach and our ability to share the importance of noetics in today’s world.

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