IONS 50th Anniversary Conference

Global Mind Change
in Action

May 30 – June 2, 2024
Four days of possibility, inspiration, transformation

Virtual Conference was an Outstanding Success!

World-renowned speakers and the IONS community came together to delve into the latest research and profound mysteries of human consciousness, as well as its implications for personal and global transformation. See our speaker bios and a list of their presentations.

And now you, too, can be part of that movement! Over 45 hours of recordings are now available in the Conference Video Archive!


Featured Presenters

Of course, IONS’ expert science team — Helané Wahbeh, Dean Radin, Arnaud Delorme, Garret Yount, and Cedric Cannard — were in full force, along with our new President, Thomas Brophy, and Board Chair / Interim CEO, Claudia Welss.

Over 45 of the world's leading thinkers discussed consciousness and AI, UAPs, psychedelics and creativity, mind-body healing, extraordinary human capacities and more.

Attendee Testimonials

It was a delight to be exposed to such a wonderful set of open minded, talented, and rigorously curious explorers. It was all very well executed.

“The Conference was a HUGE hit!!!!!!”

“I enjoyed the quality of the presenters and hearing the first hand details of the research they’re engaged in.”

“This conference gave me so much great information, company and hope for the future.”

Connection in Action

We came together for over 45 hours of globally curated noetic presentations, including mind-expanding science and experiential options with powerful researchers, teachers, and practitioners.

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