Consciousness in Action Awards

The 2021 Award

The IONS NextGen Consciousness in Action Award is presented bi-anually to selection of next generation researchers, practitioners, and visionaries striving to make a positive impact with an expanded vision of reality and creative solutions to the world’s challenges. While there are many awards and scholarships for young activists and leaders, few of these are centered around consciousness, and the role it plays in transformation, healing, and exploration.

IONS is delighted to announce the recipient of the 2021 NextGen Consciousness in Action Award!

Jo’el Adifon

Jo’el Adifon

Jo’el Adifon is a portafortuna (“fortune bringer”), reality maker, and performance artist. He shares a birthday with Peter Pan, frequently argues with spirits, and enjoys shocking audiences with real magic. Drawing from his Italian origins, West African roots, and interdisciplinary studies, Jo’el blends transpersonal psychology and physiology with lifelong immersion in the supernatural. His craft explores the alignment of Grace and Luck, the suspension of disbelief, the untapped magic all around us, and the proximal power to make things real.

Discover Past Winners

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2019 Award Recipients

Watch a video of their presentations at the 2019 IONS International Conference.

Lyla June

Lyla June, 2019

Lyla is a Navajo, Cheyenne, and European poet, musician, human ecologist, public speaker, and community organizer. She channels her messages about Indigenous rights, supporting youth, and intercultural healing into multi-genre performances – and has inspired thousands. She is the co-founder of The Taos Peace and Reconciliation Council, an organization founded for intergenerational healing in northern New Mexico.

Jewel Love

Jewel Love, MA, LMFT, 2019

In addition to being the CEO of Black Executive Men and a licensed psychotherapist, Jewel is the CEO of Urban Healers. Urban Healers offers modern rituals, ceremonies, and educational programming based on healthy masculinity.

Sarah Peck

Sarah Peck, 2019

Sarah designed and led mind-body-spirit programs at Columbia University for a decade. She worked as the director of the Spirituality Mind Body (SMBI) Master’s Degree Program, hosted seminars in leadership development, and successfully defended her dissertation on the role of mental imagery in the practices of 30 spiritual healers.

2017 Award Recipients

Watch a video of their presentations at the 2017 IONS International Conference

J.R. Furst, 2017

Along with incarcerated visionary Glenn Robinson, J.R. is the cofounder of Beyond This Prison, a blog which explores and pursues all facets of freedom, and works with young people on issues of leadership, conflict resolution, and increasing self-awareness. J.R started writing to incarcerated individuals in 2012. He connected with Glenn, and started to tell Glenn’s story through blogging.

Marcelo Garzo Montalvo

Marcelo Garzo Montalvo, 2017

A transnational indigenous cultural activist, musician, ceremonial dancer, educator, and PHD candidate in comparative ethnic studies in UC Berkeley. His art, research, and activism focus on decolonization, critical pedagogy, and intergenerational healing.

Kendra Krueger

Kendra Krueger, 2017

Kendra is a community scientist, professor, and community organizer who uses concepts of social justice, permaculture, theater, physical and mindfulness to facilitate processes of inquiry, discernment, and liberation. Kendra has a BS/MS in electrical engineering and assists local healers with STEM content and protocols in their work.

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