Our moonshot: an application-driven research program to demonstrate practical examples of consciousness affecting our physical world.

Moving from Statistical Significance to Robust, Repeatable Effects Moving from Proof-Oriented Results to Pragmatic Applications

Nonlocal consciousness effects have been objectively demonstrated with statistical significance, by the IONS research team and by our many colleagues worldwide over the past 140 years, to a level of sufficient confidence such that IONS no longer focuses solely on further proof-oriented experiments. The next research advancement, we believe, as reflected by most studies that are being conducted today, are process-oriented experiments, which are interested in what factors modulate these effects. Beyond those studies, the next moonshot or blue-sky advancement is to show that some of these effects are also pragmatically useful, even if we do not yet fully understand the underlying mechanisms.

To pursue the moonshot goal, we are conducting studies that leverage presentiment and mind-matter interaction effects that may lead to usable applications. As part of this strategy, we are following a scheme we call ATOM, in which we study advanced forms of data analysis (A) for optimal perceptual or physical targets (T), we identify and/or train operators (O), and we determine the ideal conditions or moderators (M). With optimal ATOMs in place, the next step is to demonstrate prototype applications. These could include (1) methods for predicting future events that cannot be anticipated or inferred based on current information, including items of interest to financial markets, law enforcement, intelligence services, and scientific discovery; and (2) methods for translating mental intention into useful action, not in the form of conventional brain-computer interfaces (sometimes called “synthetic telepathy”), but as direct mind-matter interactions or genuine telepathic connections with various distant animate or inanimate physical systems.

Like any viable moonshot, accomplishing this ambitious goal takes a broad multidisciplinary approach. Our team is uniquely equipped for this purpose, as we all have experience with the special challenges associated with conducting nonlocal consciousness studies, and we and our associated Fellows span an array of skill sets including neuroscience, biology, molecular biology, medicine, experimental psychology, psychophysiology, physics, and computer engineering. We are excited not just about the pragmatic implications of our studies, but ultimately for the impact our work may have in expanding modern scientific worldviews, and for supporting a more interconnected, sustainable, and just world.

To learn more about the IONSX project, read this white paper written by IONS Chief Scientist Dr. Dean Radin

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