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Have you ever had a random thought, and just moments later, the person next to you mentions what was on your mind? Or had a mystic experience that defied time and space but felt more real than reality?

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Processing your experience

Noetic experiences can include mind-to-mind communication, knowing the future before it happens, and communicating with a deceased family member.  Having an inexplicable experience can feel intense, magical, or vulnerable – maybe all of them simultaneously.

If you recognize any of these feelings, you’re not alone! These types of experiences are much more common than we may think. It’s normal to feel the need to process your experience.

Share my experience

IONS has developed Noetic EXperiences Archive, NEXA, where you can share your experience. By sharing, you contribute to our scientific understanding of noetic experiences. 

The NEXA study aims to collect specific and remarkable noetic experiences that many people have to support future research on this topic. The survey takes about 5 minutes to complete and submissions remain anonymous. Your participation is appreciated.

I need support

To help support you through these experiences, visit the Spiritual Emergence Network (SEN) USA. SEN provides support by mental health professionals specifically trained in psychospiritual matters. Find a therapist in your area through their online, self referral directory. Alternatively, you can reach SEN through safe and encrypted phone/video calls. 

SEN also publishes a useful list of USA National Hotline, Information & Self-Help Support Groups that can be contacted by phone. If you are experiencing a crisis requiring immediate assistance, please dial 911.

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