Noetic Signature™ Inventory

Discover the unique way you access and express information and energy beyond your five senses.

An Innovative Research-Based Tool

Discover Your Noetic Signature

IONS Guiding Hypothesis proposes that everyone can tap into noetic information — information that transcends space and time.

Receiving noetic information is different from receiving information through your rational/intellectual mind or through any of your five physical senses. For example, some people get noetic information as a “gut feeling” or in their dreams. For others, it may be a thought “drops” into their mind. Many people have more than one type of these noetic experiences. Whatever it looks like for you, we call the unique way you access and express that kind of information and energy your Noetic Signature.

In 2019, IONS Director of Research Dr. Helané Wahbeh and her team launched a multi-phase Noetic Signature study to explore how people experience noetic information.

After surveying more than 500 people, they developed an inventory of various characteristics of the Noetic Signature.  The list includes a full range of noetic experiences, from lucid dreams to telepathy to mediumship.

To help people better understand their particular “signature” IONS is developing a tool designed to highlight the combination of factors unique to a particular individual.

Just as each snowflake is different yet equal in its exquisite beauty, each individual’s Noetic Signature has inherent value. Together we can learn more about and celebrate our noetic diversity.


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