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The Science of Channeling

Dive deeply into questions that shed light on experiences we call “channeling” — the process of revealing information and energy not limited by space and time.


We’ve all heard the stories...

A friend shares how her gut feeling led to an incredible outcome. Your cousin tells you the details of a dream that later came to fruition in waking life. A co-worker describes how his visit to a medium connected him to his deceased partner and reported details that only his partner would know. Or perhaps you have experienced receiving information that somehow seemed to come from beyond you — something that you couldn’t possibly have known through your five senses.

Anecdotal stories such as these — which are reported around the globe and spanning millennia — make one thing clear: humans seem to be capable of experiencing things beyond our conventional notions of space and time. So, what exactly is going on with these phenomena? That is what our IONS researchers wanted to know!

Introducing the Science of Channeling Online Course

The Science of Channeling Online Course, a part of the IONS Channeling Research Program, dives deeply into questions that help shed light on experiences we call “channeling” — the process of revealing information and energy not limited by space and time.

In this course, you will explore the latest scientific evidence for channeling phenomena, looking at research questions such as “Is channeling real?” and “Is it a mental health concern?” Join IONS Director of Research, Helané Wahbeh, as she reveals the fascinating research on this common phenomenon which we are just coming to understand!


Course Developer

Helané Wahbeh, ND, MCR
Scientist, Naturopathic Physician, and… Channel!

Dr. Helane Wahbeh

Helané Wahbeh, ND, MCR, is the Director of Research at the Institute of Noetic Sciences and an adjunct assistant professor in the Department of Neurology at Oregon Health & Science University. She is clinically trained as a naturopathic physician and research-trained with a Master of Clinical Research and two post-doctoral research fellowships. Dr. Wahbeh has published on and spoken internationally about her studies on complementary and alternative medicine, mind-body medicine, extended human capacities, stress, posttraumatic stress disorder, and their relationships to physiology, health, and healing. She is especially known for her research around — and noetic approach to — channeling.

Dr. Wahbeh also comes from a family with a long line of trance channelers, including her mother, uncle, and grandmother. Her background and experience gives her a unique perspective on how to research channeling phenomena using rigorous scientific protocol and methodology.

Are you Ready to Explore the World of Channeling?

In this course, you will…

Learn what is known about channeling from a scientific perspective.

Discover how common channeling experiences are as well as traits of people who channel.

Explore data that indicates that channeling is not a mental health issue.

Consider the validity of channeling experiences and channeled information.

Understand theories about how channeling works and where the channeled information may come from.

This Course Includes

  • 7 video modules, totaling 6 hours of fascinating information on what science has to say about channeling
  • Experiential meditations led by Dr. Wahbeh, designed to help you to tap into and fine-tune your abilities to access information and energy beyond space and time
  • A bonus module of guidelines and best practices to help you learn how you can incorporate channeling into your life
  • Over two hours of bonus videos with Dr. Wahbeh answering questions about the scientific learnings from the IONS Channeling Research Program, as well as her personal experiences with channeling

This is a self-directed online course. The video lectures and meditation experiences are yours to use at any time.


You May Also Be Interested In the Book

The course pairs perfectly with Dr. Wahbeh’s book, The Science of Channeling: Why You Should Trust Your Intuition and the Force That Connects Us All. In this groundbreaking publication, you’ll find information about different channeling types, as well as an overview of the scientific studies of channeling, providing ample evidence that channeling is a real phenomenon and offering insights into how it works. The Science of Channeling Online Course allows Dr. Wahbeh to dive even more deeply into some of the elements contained in the book, through robust lectures and course-specific meditations. Available in paperback, digital e-book, and audiobook formats.

Are You Ready to Explore the Science of Channeling?

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