Mindfulness Meditation with IMMI

A research-based self-paced course for anyone who wants to learn about mindfulness meditation.

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A research-based self-paced course for anyone who wants to learn about mindfulness meditation

For new-comers to meditation in general, or to mindfulness specifically, IMMI (Internet Mindfulness Meditation Intervention) is designed to support anyone who would like to learn how to reduce stress and increase their quality of life.

Though this form of meditation originates in Eastern Spiritual practices (such as Buddhism), in modern Western cultures mindfulness is usually defined as paying attention in a particular way: on purpose, in the present moment, and non-judgmentally. IMMI explores this basic definition on many different levels.

With the IMMI training program you will learn concepts, skills, and tools such as:

  • using the breath to bring attention to the present moment;
  • body scans to connect with one’s physical presence and sensations;
  • using mindfulness in day-to-day activities;
  • being with difficult emotions;
  • and relating to thoughts in new ways.

Research has shown that mindfulness meditation has positive effects in many populations, including children, adults, and those with health or mental health diagnoses.

Course Format

The IMMI training program has six modules that include video presentations (with their transcripts), mindfulness exercises, reflection questions, instructions for a home practice, and downloadable handouts. Each module takes approximately one hour to complete. You may return to the recordings at any time for continued guidance.

Our research has found that people who do the home-practice meditations, in addition to reviewing the course content, get the most benefit from the course. We recommend focusing on one module per week, however, feel free to explore the modules at whatever pace works best for you!

Grounded in Science

IMMI — which stands for the Internet Mindfulness Meditation Intervention — was created at Oregon and Health Sciences University by IONS Director of Research, Helané Wahbeh, and her OHSU colleagues.

Dr. Wahbeh’s research studies on IMMI have shown that the training program can help improve mood, anxiety, pain, and sleep quality. The IONS version of IMMI is the same training that was used in the  studies, so you will receive instruction validated through research.

Fun Fact: “Immi” means “my mother” in Arabic.

We hope the benefits you receive from this course align with a mother’s nurturing and supporting qualities.

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