2021 Annual Report

Selected Peer-Reviewed Papers

Classroom-based mindfulness training reduces anxiety in adolescents: Acceptability and effectiveness of a cluster-randomized pilot study, published in Restorative Medicine.

A qualitative exploratory analysis of channeled content, published in EXPLORE.

Effects of the local and geocosmic environment on the efficacy of energy medicine treatments: An exploratory study, published in EXPLORE.

Possible negentropic effects observed during energy medicine sessions, published in the journal EXPLORE.

Spectroscopic analysis of water treated by and in proximity to energy medicine practitioners: An exploratory study, published in EXPLORE.

A case study of extended human capacity perception during energy medicine treatments using mixed methods analysis, published in EXPLORE.

Energy medicine treatments for hand and wrist pain: A pilot study, published in the journal EXPLORE.

Effect of meditation on intracerebral EEG in a patient with temporal lobe epilepsy: A case report, published in EXPLORE.

Accuracy and neural correlates of blinded mediumship compared to controls on an image classification task, published in Brain and Cognition.

The open eeglab portal interface: High-performance computing with eeglab, published in NeuroImage.

Collective consciousness and our sense of interconnectedness, published in Cardiology & Vascular Research.

Effects of intentionally treated water and seeds on the growth of arabidopsis thaliana, published in EXPLORE.

Genetics of psychic ability — A pilot case-control exome sequencing study, published in EXPLORE.

Channeling: A non-pathological possession and dissociative identity experience or something else?, published in Culture, Medicine, and Psychiatry.

Psychophysical interactions with a double-slit interference pattern: Exploratory evidence of a causal influence, published in Physics Essays.

Exploring lifetime experiences of people with breast cancer: A cross-sectional study, published in Journal of Oncology Research and Treatments.

Examining implicit beliefs in a replication attempt of a time-reversed priming task, published in F1000Research.

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