When Science and Spirit Meet

October 21, 2019
Kari Millar, Communications Team

IONS was honored to be featured in a two-part series titled “Where Science and Spirit Meet” on the White Shores with Theresa Cheung podcast.

In the first tremendous spiritual science episode, Theresa talks to two scientists currently leading the world forward in consciousness research: Dr. Cassandra Vieten, former president and now a fellow of IONS, is a psychologist, author, public speaker and world renowned expert in mind body healing, and Dr. Arnaud Delorme, IONS scientists who contributed to the development of the widely-used Matlab toolbox for electroencephalography (EEG) analysis, EEGLAB. He has been acknowledged for his contribution to the field of EEG research by being awarded a Bettencourt-Schueller young investigator award in 2002. His research has focused on pure neuroscience methods, as well as on the neuroscience of mind wandering, meditation, and so-called mediums.

In the second episode, Theresa interviews two more extraordinary scientists from the Institute of Noetic Sciences: Dr. Helané Wahbeh, Director of Research at IONS and one of the world’s leading experts on mind body medicine and channelling, and Dr. Garret Yount, scientist at IONS and one of the world’s leading experts on energy healing, whose experiments were featured in Dan Brown’s The Lost Symbol.

Click below to listen to these episodes or find them by searching on Apple iTunes or any podcast platform.

White Shores | #10 Where Science and Spirit Meet Part I with Dr. Cassandra Vieten & Dr. Arnaud Delorme

White Shores | #11 When Science and Spirit meet, Part II with Dr. Helané Wahbeh & Dr. Garret Yount


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