Two Seals, a Walrus, and IONS Researcher Dr. Helané Wahbeh

April 12, 2021
Science Team

Two Seals and a Walrus are U.S. Navy SEALs Ben Johnson and Doug Moulton, and human mind researcher Sean Webb. Their weekly podcast investigates ways in which science is pushing the boundaries of our personal and collective consciousness.

On March 18, Dr. Helané Wahbeh, Director of Research for the Institute of Noetic Studies, sat down to talk with the hosts of the podcast Two Seals and a Walrus about the science of psychic abilities and the new science that IONS is investigating. Her hour-and-a-half-long conversation was wide-ranging; it included Dr. Wahbeh’s journey from childhood to medicine to psi research and explored her current IONS research.

Growing Up in a Noetic World

Dr. Wahbeh shared her personal experiences as a child growing up with relatives who had a range of noetic abilities; she even attended a séance at her grandparents’ house at the age of 10. She herself had many psychic experiences growing up. She was also intrigued by health and healing and the rigor of biological science. She became a naturopathic physician and researcher focusing on mind-body connections; at the time she wasn’t aware that conducting research on her own family’s noetic abilities was even possible.

Joining IONS

Years later, a friend recommended that she attend a conference at which she met members of the IONS community and worked with the group to publish a seminal paper on the power of meditation. It was then that she realized “IONS has the courage to ask these questions that no one’s willing to ask,” and set herself to become part of the organization. Over time, she became first a consultant, then a staff scientist, and, finally, Director of Research.

An Exciting, Post-Materialistic Paradigm for Research

Dr. Wahbeh discussed many of her projects, noting with excitement that times are changing, and the scientific community is beginning to understand the value of studying non-physical phenomena. “We’re living in a really fascinating time right now,” she said. “[at IONS] I feel like we have a foot in each paradigm moving into a post-materialistic paradigm where we understand that our consciousness is not actually limited to our physical body… our consciousness is non-local.”

Just a few of the exciting IONS projects Dr. Wahbeh discusses include:

  • EEG-based research with Dr. Arnaud Delorme
  • Research into the relationships between the brain and heart during transcendent states
  • Projects focused on the use of psychedelics to achieve transcendent states
  • The IONS Noetic Signature project, which involves inventorying experiences with non-local consciousness to better the way individual people access and receive psi energy and information

To watch Dr. Wahbeh’s interview in its entirety, visit Two Seals and a Walrus on YouTube!

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