The Science of Channeling Is Changing People’s Lives!

November 12, 2021
Experience & Engagement Team

In September, Dr. Helané Wahbeh, IONS Director of Research, released her groundbreaking book The Science of Channeling: Why You Should Trust Your Intuition and Embrace the Force That Connects Us All, which explores the cutting-edge science behind the phenomenon of channeling, and offers powerful tools to help you hone your own abilities. We are really excited to see that the Science of Channeling is already making a big impact and we have been hearing from people all over the world who have been seeking answers about channeling either personally or professionally.

One of the primary reasons that Dr. Wahbeh wrote this book was to begin to normalize the phenomenon of channeling so that people feel more comfortable exploring this unique skill and sharing their experiences with others. She recently received this incredible testimonial from a woman in Melbourne, Australia, whose response to The Science of Channeling shows that the book is doing just that:

“This book has given me all the answers and information I have been seeking to understand myself and my unique ability. It has been with me since I was a child and all my life I’ve kept asking the question, “Why am I so different from others?”

I’m worried about being rejected, being thought of as insane, and being discriminated against. I went to see my doctor and was told to just not think about it. I went to see my psychologist and I was told not to share the information. I shared stories with my career coach and I was told not to mention it in my professional network. The doors kept shutting and my path felt closed. But, I kept searching and found your book and the answers within!

I found myself reflected in so many things that you mentioned about knowing, seeing, hearing, feeling, the inner voice… and I have experienced them in just the same ways you described but could not explain why. I cannot count the number of events that have come across to me that I could eventually verify.

The book has given me the courage to accept and reveal myself with this gifted ability and helped me understand how I can make contributions to the world. I have been asked all along in my journey to come out but often I denied the truth in myself.

Reading this book, I was almost tearing up knowing that I’m not alone in this world and that many others out there have been on the journey of this revolution. It shows me how I can develop my gifted ability, how I can help others… and together we can make a difference to many people.

Thank you Helané for your work that has helped open my eyes and encouraged so many people like me to listen to their inner voice and follow the path.”

If you are curious about how to identify and target your own channeling skills, process the channeled information you receive, and use your unique gift to improve your life — and the world around you, you can learn more in The Science of Channeling book!

You can also explore these concepts in IONS brand new Science of Channeling self-paced online course, which includes seven modules and a bonus session with lectures, experiential exercises, and resources.

In both the book and the course, you’ll find detailed information about different channeling types, including mind-to-mind communication, your intention affecting matter, and sensing the future. And finally, you’ll discover a wealth of physiological studies pertaining to the science of channeling, providing ample evidence that channeling is a real phenomena and insights into how it works.

*Shared with permission

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