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June 4, 2021
Development Team

While COVID challenged many traditional structures, it also illuminated a fast-growing thirst for the programs, research, and experiences IONS offers. Now is the time to “shine a light” on the implications of noetic research, leadership, and discoveries.

In just over a year, we have reached over 27,000 individuals from 62 countries through our programs.

Our scientific research has accelerated, with 17 peer-reviewed papers accepted for publication in niche and mainstream scientific journals.

At the same time, we have moved forward to launch our Noetic Leadership Initiative, a major undertaking which will draw together like-minded leaders from across the globe.

Today, there is a genuine opportunity to shift the limitations of the materialist paradigm. That’s why, with your support, we are advancing both basic and applied noetic research.

Advances in Basic Noetic Research

  • The Psigenes Project is answering the question “do psychic abilities have a genetic basis?” In the next year, we will be expanding and confirming the results of our initial experiment in a much larger population.
  • The Global Consciousness Project (GCP) is exploring the data from this 20+ year (and ongoing) project in a new way to further test global mind-matter interaction effects. Researchers are also developing the tools for what we’re calling GCP 2.0 — the next generation of these experiments.
  • IONSx, our applied psi research program, is reaching out with online experiments which will play an increasing role in some of our future work. We’ve already conducted a number of such studies, with success, and we are eager to engage more people in the data collection process. We anticipate significant outcomes as the number of people engaged in the research continues to increase.

Innovations in Applied Noetic Science

  • The Noetic Signature Inventory. This innovative project is quickly becoming one of IONS most significant breakthroughs of the past decade. In the months ahead, IONS researchers will create personal typology tests and training programs to help individuals discover and apply their unique noetic signatures for their lives and for greater purpose in the world.
  • The Noetic Leadership Initiative. How can leaders from business and community organizations come together to use noetic tools to advance their work? IONS is serving as a catalyst to bring together some of the most important noetic leaders and thinkers of our time to participate in our introductory and advanced workshops.

We invite every member of the IONS community to join us by supporting this important work. Gifts of all sizes will make a difference as we move forward into the uncharted and exciting post-COVID world!

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