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Illuminate Our Interconnection

Help us shine a bright light on noetic sciences.

The Time for Noetic Sciences Is Now

Fifteen months ago, a global pandemic arose. Even in those early days it was clear that IONS was being called to action, to provide a robust and meaningful response. We mobilized quickly to provide expanded access to our research-based programs, making them accessible, free of charge, to a world in crisis. The IONS community stepped up to “Awaken the Noetic Now,” and the response was overwhelming.

Now, as we begin to emerge from this historic pandemic, we are called to go beyond awakening — to shining a bright light on noetic sciences, Illuminating Our Interconnection. We believe that the time for noetic sciences is now.

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Today there is a very real opportunity to shift the limitations of the materialist paradigm, using noetic sciences to address the world-changing issues of our time: climate change, racial strife, healing and healthcare, and leadership.

For this important fiscal-year-end campaign, a group of IONS board members and other dedicated donors have announced a $400,000 Challenge Match. All gifts will be doubled through June 30th! Please consider making a special gift at this time to help us reach our $800,000 goal — securing vitally needed resources for IONS leading-edge research and life-changing experiential programs. Together we will continue to illuminate the foundations of interconnection — a concept crucial to creating the solutions to so many of the world’s problems.

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