Revealing Information Not Limited by Space or Time

September 19, 2019
Science Team

A guiding premise at the Institute of Noetic Sciences is that all things are interconnected, and that embodying that awareness can reveal information not limited by space or time. Yet how does that process actually operate in people’s lives? That is what we hope to discover through the Noetic Signature™ study currently being conducted by IONS Director of Research Dr. Helané Wahbeh. At IONS we hypothesize that ALL people have the ability to access information and energy not limited by space and time. And yet the way that people access and receive this information and energy manifests differently in each individual. We are terming this unique human quality a person’s Noetic Signature™. The intention of this study is to explore the myriad ways this noetic signature works in people’s lives and attempt to categorize these experiences so we can assess and nurture them more effectively.

The first phase of this study is already underway, and consists of a survey in which participants answer four open-ended questions about the nature of their experience of accessing and/or expressing information or energy not limited by space and time. We’ve received hundreds of responses already that are giving us valuable data regarding how the noetic signature operates in people’s lives. This data will then be analyzed using qualitative methods to establish common themes, and will result in a Noetic Signature Inventory.

In phase two of the study, another survey will test the first draft of the Noetic Signature Inventory developed from the previous survey, while also collecting demographic information about participants. The information gathered will help us refine the Noetic Signature Inventory into a final form. A third survey will then test the final version of the Noetic Signature Inventory. And from there the intention is to use this vast body of data to develop tools intended to nurture people’s noetic signature based on their own personal information and predilections.

Imagine a time when people looking to develop or refine these abilities have at their fingertips a curriculum specifically tailored to their own personal talents and background, and which helps these talents blossom more quickly and effectively. If you think this sounds like a rewarding endeavor we encourage you to share your own noetic signature experience, and thus help IONS deepen the sense of interconnectedness and transformation that will help move us forward.

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