PK Parties Bend Spoons (and Minds)

July 30, 2019

“Mind Over Matter” parties were created and perfected by the late citizen scientist Jack Houck in the 1980s. By day, he ran a research lab at an aerospace company, and by night he researched his growing fascination with psychokinesis with over 16,000 people. His eight-plus years of research resulted in a repeatable methodology which enables 85% of participants to bend spoons. This phenomenon is possible with a single person but gets much easier when a group of 15 or more create a peak emotional experience together.

Cultivated pandemonium was achieved at a party I hosted after my Spotlight Talk at the IONS 18th International Conference. At the start of the party only 53% believed they could bend spoons, but by the end 72% of the 31 participants were bringing home some bent-up conference souvenirs. People described the experience as “life changing,” “great fun,” and “Illuminating.”

The underlying story is that energy follows intention. We constantly affect our reality, we just don’t realize it. This may be why spoons make great tangible feedback mechanisms and why mothers can lift cars when one is on top of their child.

These PK parties are part of a larger vision to bring in citizen science to aid the consciousness movement. Unlike large organizations and academic researchers, individuals don’t have to protect their staid reputations and stature in the same way. This liberty, free time, and passion can be put to good use to create a powerful win-win.

Can we accelerate a mass shift in consciousness using shared data visualization and interconnected — cutting-edge citizen science research? Can Lego-like infrastructures propel and massify the consciousness movement? If you find yourself curious, I have included an instruction manual on how to replicate the project in your own backyard.

In my recent Spotlight Talk, titled The Look Ahead – 5 years (2024) and 15 Years (2034), I explored how citizen science and the coming 3D spatial web can have a powerful multiplier effect in our community. I also addressed many ‘elephants in the room’ — including exponential change, consciousness, and advances in the spacial web (virtual reality, augmented reality, haptics, and wearables). Topics included the mirror world, simulation theory, Nuerables, HTC Vive retina tracking, Brain Talker chips, AR contact lenses, and more). I also discussed what people throughout the ages have needed to support transformations and paradigm shifts, based on research from Cassandra Vieten, PhD, and her colleagues at the Institute of Noetic Sciences (IONS).

About the Author

ZenkaZenka is a social architect committed to creating a tipping point in the consciousness movement. Her recent IONS Spotlight Talk covered how citizen science and the coming 3D spatial web can have a powerful multiplier effect in our community. She is the founder of Triple Smart Labs, a high tech hardware share lab in Los Angeles and Argentina.

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