A New Forum to Connect With Your Noetic Community

July 19, 2021
Experience & Engagement Team

The IONS Experience & Engagement Team is delighted to launch a community forums for our online workshops. The new forum platform is designed to amplify your experiences of well-being, innovation, and transformation through enhanced connection with fellow workshop participants.

Each workshop community forum provides an avenue for noetic seekers to share their wisdom, offer their best insight, and ask invigorating questions throughout their workshop experience. The new platform has increased accessibility, improved posting capabilities, and features a more robust user interface, allowing participants to keep track of which community threads they have participated in.

Find the Experience That’s Right for You

IONS offers a diverse range of impactful online programs that deepen the way we understand ourselves, our world, and our purpose. Our research indicates that lasting transformation is supported by a robust community and ongoing explorations. Immerse yourself into our expanded community of noetic explorers, and find an IONS workshop that is right for you!

Deepen Your Journey

The following workshops will be the first to feature the new community forum platform. Leave your information and we will alert you when registration opens for the upcoming Fall 2021 cohorts:

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