Foundations in Noetic Leadership

An online workshop to enhance leadership through the lens of noetic experience

“Foundations in Noetic Leadership” is an online workshop designed to enhance one’s leadership through the unique lens of noetic experience.

Designed for leaders of all kinds, this workshop is the latest program offering within IONS Noetic Leadership Initiative. A natural outgrowth of our mission at IONS, the initiative is focused on cultivating leaders by nourishing their inner wisdom and propensity to lead from an emerging knowledge of our interconnection with other human beings, nature, and the cosmos.

The workshop features a thought-provoking blend of foundational course material, conversations with special guests, practical tools to expand your noetic repetoir, and ample opportunity for meaningful dialogue with our speakers and each other.

The workshop will be facilitated by Claire Lachance and leadership scholar-practitioner Alan Briskin. Reflecting the emergent nature of Noetic Leadership, Claire and Alan will encourage rigorous personal exploration and candid dialogue regarding the opportunities and challenges associated with a noetic approach to leadership.

Foundations in Noetic Leadership

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