A Molecular Meditation to Awareness

November 2, 2020
Kerstin Sjoquist, Director of Experience and Engagement

Everything is interconnected.

That is the opening statement of IONS Guiding Hypothesis, the theoretical premise that we use as a jumping off point for our scientific research and experiential explorations into consciousness.

It’s a concept that many of the world’s wisdom traditions have held as a core truth for millennia. Though they each express it from the nuanced framework of their particular perspective, unity is understood to be fundamental to experience.

The results of scientific research of the past decades are beginning to demonstrate support for this ancient concept. There is more and more evidence that at the deepest layers of reality, the sense of separation that we often encounter so intensely in our day-to-day lives is an illusion.

How might we personally experience this concept of interconnection? The options are broad and diverse — from a host of meditative practices, to lucid dreaming, to plant medicine, to expressive arts, and beyond.

One of my favorite approaches is a simple and native faculty, one that you have likely been using since you were a tiny child: imagination.

Imagination is a tool that offers rich possibilities for inner exploration. It is simple to use, costs nothing, and it is always available to you.

To give you an opportunity to explore the concept of interconnection through the imagination, we invite you on a journey of the mind. In this 13-minute guided meditation we use a visualization of the body as an entryway into an ever deepening experience of expansiveness.

Listen in, and experience for yourself what may lie beyond the molecules of your physical being.

Try the meditation, then feel free to “Leave a Reply” in the comments below and share a bit about what the experience was like for you.

About the Author

Kerstin SjoquistKerstin Sjoquist is the Director of Experience & Engagement at the Institute of Noetic Sciences. Prior to joining IONS, Kerstin was the founder and CEO of Consciousness Arts, Inc., specializing in psycho-spiritual products, classes, and services to assist people in expanding and enhancing their lives.

26 responses to “A Molecular Meditation to Awareness

  1. Nancy

    I found it difficult – thought I wasn’t doing it right – couldn’t visualize what I thought I should. So many shoulds and thoughts of perfection. Both times despite myself, I felt a bodily sensation of grounded presence. Thank you. I just recommended it to my exploration group. We will practice and discuss at our next on line gathering.

    1. Kerstin Sjoquist

      Thank you for sharing your experience, Nancy. I always say, “visualization” is a bit of a misnomer. Some people never see things in their mind’s eye, but instead may hear things, or as you suggested, have bodily sensations, or many other ways of “going within.” And thank you for sharing with your group!

  2. Lars Soholt

    I meditated at a very early age. I didn’t know that I was meditating. I’m thankful to hear one of the most powerful, quick meditations that taps into the quanta of my being.

    I would strongly suggest that anyone trying this meditation should study the basic rules of quantum mechanics and physics… Let me put it this way, you are but a spark in the sun that is God, but as a spark of God you are connected to every spark within the Creation that is God.

    Thank You!!!

    1. Kerstin Sjoquist

      Thank you for sharing the “spark,” Lars!

  3. Sashua Benay

    Expansive experience. Delving so deep inside feeling the capacity to heal at a cellular level. Beautiful and powerful. Thank you.

    1. Kerstin Sjoquist

      Your words are beautiful, Sashua. Thank you for sharing!

  4. Amy

    Loved it! Is there a way to download it for future use?

    1. Kerstin Sjoquist

      That is a good question, Amy. I will ask our webmaster and if it is possible post instructions here. Many thanks!

  5. Kathie Powell

    Dear Kerstin,
    Thank you so much for this lovely, peaceful and healing meditation. Your voice itself has a remarkable healing quality to it. Peace and Blessings to you,

    1. Kerstin Sjoquist

      Dear Kathie — thank you for your incredibly kind words! I’m glad you found the meditation useful, and also wishing you much Peace and many Blessings. With gratitude!

  6. Joyce

    Your 13 minute meditation on what lies beyond the molecules of your physical being put things in perspective for me and made me smile.

    1. Kerstin Sjoquist

      Thank you, Joyce…your reply made me smile!

  7. Ed Tyrie

    Imaginative visualisation. Beautiful meditation.

    1. Kerstin Sjoquist

      Thank you kindly, Ed!

  8. dorothy friedman

    A wonderful guided meditation wished it flowed longer into timeless time
    thank you

    1. Kerstin Sjoquist

      I’m delighted you enjoyed it, Dorothy, and we will indeed do some longer journeys for the blog in the future.

  9. Umerath Hassan

    Heartfelt gratitude ❤️

    1. Kerstin Sjoquist

      Much appreciation to you, Umerath!

  10. Rose

    Such a wonderful reminder how we are all connected to and are apart of all things. A beautiful peaceful journey.

    1. Kerstin Sjoquist

      I’m delighted it helped you “remember,” Rose… 🙂

  11. Migda Elizabeth Soto

    A beautiful experience. I felt wonderful after I did it. Thank you!

    1. Kerstin Sjoquist

      You are most welcome indeed, Migda Elizabeth!

  12. Eric Faucher

    This was wonderful. I am currently dealing with a difficult recovery from cancer and this guided trip into my body helped me feel like I was marshalling curative forces rather the passively waiting. I would love more like this!

    1. Kerstin Sjoquist

      I wish you a bounty of continued curative forces on your healing journey, Eric, and glad this journey did a bit to support you in your process.

  13. Shireen

    Went into a nothingness, deeply relaxing

    1. Kerstin Sjoquist

      Beautiful! Thank you for sharing, Shireen.

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