Manifesting – the Science Behind the Practice

March 20, 2021
Experience & Engagement Team

Manifesting — bringing about positive outcomes through thought or belief — is making news these days. Though these mental “magical” practices have been around for eons, recently even the New York Times has dipped its toes into esoteric waters, with an article on the increased interest from millennials in the law of attraction and power of positive thinking.

While most of the reports speak to the popularity of such practices, referring to anecdotal reports from practitioners who often speak of “universal laws,” these articles share little to nothing on what we know from a scientific perspective. How much influence do our thoughts really have on our experience of the material world?

We invite you to watch a recording of the ConnectIONS Live webinar where Dr. Dean Radin, IONS Chief Scientist, and Kerstin Sjoquist, IONS Director of Experience & Engagement, explore what research has shown us about setting intentions for a specific outcome, and how that might inform techniques and practices meant to intentionally influence events and outcomes.

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