Video Closed Captions Now on ConnectIONS Live Recordings

August 9, 2021
Experience & Engagement Team

The IONS Experience & Engagement Department invites you to join us for our weekly, free webinar series, ConnectIONS Live — now enhanced with video closed captioning! During these weekly sessions, we invite guest panelists to engage in in-depth conversations on science, spirituality, leadership, purpose, collective consciousness, and so much more. We collectively explore the leading edge of noetic research, practices, and philosophy.

If you are interested in diving into the study of frontier noetic topics, having inspiring direct experiences, and connecting with a community of consciousness explorers from around the globe, we hope you will join us for the upcoming live webinars!

Webinar Recording Closed Captioning

IONS continually strives to make our programming more accessible and inclusive to all, providing expanded access to our research-based programs. As a result, the ConnectIONS Live webinar videos now include a closed captioning feature! This may be used by participants to more easily follow the conversations and dive deeper into noetic discovery.

To access the closed captioning, simply click on the [CC] button on the video toolbar, at the bottom-right hand corner of the recording player on the IONS website. This is displayed in the image below:

Video Closed Captioning Example
We hope you find these webinars on the noetic sciences both enlightening and helpful in terms of integrating noetics into your daily lives!

Available Webinar Recordings

ConnectIONS Live videos with closed captioning are available to the public for a week following the live webinar, and are then available to IONS Members. Click here to see the full ConnectIONS Live video portfolio.

We have, and continue to, collectively explore the leading edge of noetic research, practices, and philosophy. We are pleased to offer these videos exclusively to IONS Members as a membership benefit.

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