Celebrating Edgar’s Birthday

September 17, 2023
IONS Communications Team

This September, we celebrate the birthday and legacy of IONS Founder Dr. Edgar Mitchell. Thank you to everyone who made a gift in his honor. As a pioneering astronaut (one of the few to walk on the moon!), he experienced an epiphany in space that changed the trajectory of his life and continues to impact people worldwide.

His profound insight that all of humanity is deeply interconnected affected him so immensely that he left his career as an explorer of outer space and began a new mission as a pioneer of inner space.

The Power of Legacy

Dr. Mitchell broke boundaries when he founded IONS after his profound epiphany. Today, we continue to honor his legacy through our groundbreaking scientific research on energy healing, meditation, lucid dreaming and PTSD, channeling and more!

We are deeply grateful to all those who made a recent gift to honor Edgar’s birthday and legacy. There’s still time to make a special gift.

Make a Gift

IONS’ research and public programs are only possible thanks to the generosity of people like you. Thank you for ensuring that IONS can impact society well into the future. Let us come together to embrace the power of legacy and create a positive impact for generations to come.


To access free must-have resources to help plan your legacy, visit Would you like to know more about how you can become part of the IONS Legacy Society or make a gift that impacts current IONS research? Contact Rosemary Calderalo, Director of Advancement, at We would love to hear from you!

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