Building Resilience, Strength, and Hope During the Windstorms of Life

October 15, 2020
Experience & Engagement Team

In early October, over 2,000 IONS community members from around the globe joined together to investigate how Noetic Resilience can help guide us during these monumental global events we are currently facing. During this ConnectIONS live webinar, “Standing Strong: Noetic Resilience in Challenging Times,” IONS Fellows Dr. Cassandra Vieten and Dr. Michael Sapiro shared noetic practices to help guide us on how to cultivate hope and connect with what remains unchanged within us during these challenging times.

During the webinar, Dr. Michael Sapiro, clinical psychologist, Dharma teacher, meditation researcher, and former Buddhist monk, led the participants through the Hope Intervention Meditation Practice. This meditation practice is a new development from the Institute for Love and Time, a nonprofit organization which supports engineers and scientists who are focused on the idea of building actual unconditional love and time-travel applications. Hope Intervention was a free, live, science-based, clinically informed 30-minute experiential video webinar led by IONS fellows Dr. Julia Mossbridge and Dr. Michael Sapiro.

Dr. Michael Sapiro gave participants a sneak peak into the newly developed practice which offers an opportunity to build greater levels of flexible strength, so that we can bend, and not break, in the windstorms of life.

Did you enjoy the Hope Intervention Meditation Practice? You can watch the entire ConnectIONS live webinar online! “Standing Strong: Noetic Resilience in Challenging Times” is a part of the IONS ConnectIONS free fall live webinar series and is now available to watch for IONS Members. Videos are available to the public for a week following the live session, and then become a benefit of IONS Membership.

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