Bringing Noetic Sciences Into the Light

December 6, 2021
Experience & Engagement Team

For the first time in ConnectIONS Live history, the entire IONS Science Team came together for a unique webinar to ignite our crucial year-end giving campaign, Illuminate Our Interconnection.

Hosted by IONS CEO Claire Lachance, each of our esteemed researchers took the stage to share the latest on one of their significant projects. Focusing on the paradigm-changing consciousness research that IONS is known for, in this video you’ll hear from our experts in physics, clinical research, neuroscience, EEG, computer science and engineering, and molecular biology.

Tune in to explore our groundbreaking current research, directions for future endeavors, and the potential this work has to evolve the materialist paradigm to reflect the true nature of consciousness and reality.

The video replay of “Bringing Noetic Sciences Into the Light” is open to all to view through the entire month of December! After December 31st, it becomes a benefit of IONS membership and only Members will have access to the video.


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