Awakening to an Inner Voice and Compass Toward a Deeper Truth

June 22, 2021
Johnny Calvert, IONS Chief Financial Officer

An “‘insider” look into IONS staff Noetic Experiences

In this blog series, we are highlighting IONS staff members’ noetic experiences and practices. These are direct experiences that each person has had with noetic information and energy — from beyond space and time. The various ways that we individually connect with this type of information make up our unique Noetic Signature™. This month, IONS Chief Financial Officer, Johnny Calvert, shares a beautiful piece of writing on his personal exploration towards finding his inner voice and his process of transformation.

A journey fueled by an innate desire to transform is not one of mind, is not one of words, is not one of linear experiences — from one to another, with a beginning and an end. Funny things, these are, though, so fundamental in the way we humans identify ourselves — bodies with histories, personalities with stories, perceptive lenses colored by all of the above. Perceptive lenses, dutifully serving as label makers for who we believe ourselves to be — son of Dad, spitting image of Mom, scholarly student, the circle in the square. Though we are essentially none of anything we could put into words, we can experience it all. Therein is the beautiful gift of Being.

In the beginning, we are potential — pure awareness untouched by experience. In the field of original essence is this potential. We are aware of being aware, devoid of identification. We are aware of the presence of others, also devoid of identification. From the field of original essence, we have begun this journey onto this physical plane. But how, why? Questions are merely words, nonexistent in the field. Questions, perhaps, are the fodder, sometimes brilliantly orgasmic and sometimes cruelly cutting, we use in the pursuit of finding ourselves, roadmaps along the way toward… ah, simple remembrance.

For many years, my inner voice quietly, ever so gently, offered me “I’m asleep and I don’t know what that means.” A cup of creamy, sugary coffee later, and no more inner voice — it was back to “sleep” for another 15-hour day at the office. All was on track for this working-class, licensed professional from a that’s-the-way-it-is, rural town in Alabama.

Is success a miserable thing? Can life be otherwise? Fifteen years and three long-term relationships later, my hands lost their grasp. My spirit was all but dead and I was intensely spent.

I literally heard the cry of an eagle and I asked the universe for a teacher. “I am not the mind, I am not the body,” she said. Then who am I? The next phase of my personal journey to the place-before-physical-experience began.

That eagle’s cry, now a quiet inner voice, ever so gently continued.

That I began to trust in any way this inner voice, this intuition, I began to trust that we all, in this lifetime, in these matter-laden, matter-gifted bodies may realize our birthright — the remembrance of the place-before-physical-experience; the conscious, experiential return to our field of original essence. With that, we are both here and there, both matter and light. We are glorious creatures! And so, my personal journey began with an inner voice, an inner compass toward a deeper truth.

I’d like to offer, as many others have done, that our fears and failures are great teachers and deeply meaningful signposts along the way to self-remembrance. In humility, we choose defeat or we choose greatness. Is it possible that we might choose absolute neutrality? It’s a choice; we simply choose from a list of alternatives; we have so much free will that we even get to choose how long or short that list of alternatives is. Imagine! Perceptive lenses, masterfully crafted, are funny things.

As my sensitivity to energy increased, I was taught to distinguish different types of energies such as my own unique and distinctive life force; grounding energy and my energetic connectedness to the physical Earth; and mental energy, oft times burdened by belief systems gone awry.

I really shouldn’t leave this point hanging. An example of a belief system gone awry might be, well, a thought that constricts rather than empowers, a thought that contains rather than expands. We’re always making choices and choices create patterns.
The more we constrict, the more readily we accept constriction — a pattern. The more we empower, the more readily we accept empowerment — a pattern. Oh, the power of believing in oneself. Oh, the potential of deeply felt affirmations.

There are those pioneering visionaries and seers who have gone before us into the frontiers of healing and transformative practices; and some have returned to teach us. We thank them. At the end of the day, though, through free will and choice, we are individually responsible for developing and trusting our inner voice, our compass of deeper truth.

In that regard, we are responsible for our own search, practice, and application of the gifts that are offered to us within our intuitive state. Our teachers may guide us, but we alone must come to the conclusions we reach. Our conclusions likely should come from within rather than without. From our teachers, we are told of our beauty. From our practice, we are experientially immersed in it.

Findings from such a place of experiential immersion cannot be shaken. I offer we must arrive at such an unshakable place to be entrusted with even more.

Are we alone in all this? Not necessarily. When we’re ready, I trust that the universe conspires to provide us with all that we need for the movement from this moment to the next. As we transcend thought, we experience consciousness as a phenomenon beyond our brains and within the energetic structures of our being; we transform ourselves from matter-laden bodies ruled by ego and desire to beings of consciousness potentializing the experiences of physicality.

In this transformed state, perhaps we are offered communication with those unlike us, Beings of Light not bound to bodies — Spirit Guides, Gurus, and Ascended Masters. Are we willing to accept that much responsibility for ourselves? Are we willing to trust our inner voice, our internal compass, and be vulnerably authentic in such communication? Awakened sovereignty endures and we are ourselves ultimately responsible for our life’s creations. But, oh, we’re so loved and supported!

May we be unshakeable in our resolve to simply recall from where we came and to walk in the grace of that remembrance.

About the Author

Johnny CalvertJohnny Calvert is a licensed Certified Public Accountant (inactive) with 30 years of experience with public charities, closely-held businesses, estates and trusts. Johnny has been with IONS since 2007.  Johnny’s interest in the field of noetics and personal awakening began with a period of active kundalini that, while initially misunderstood, has since provided insight, inspiration and challenges about what it is to be human — in relation to our own self, others and the greater world in which we live.

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