What Can AI Tell Us About the Worldview on Frontier Science?

July 6, 2023
IONS Communications Team

Last month we published a blog on Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the interaction between and impact on human consciousness. We asked multiple AI Chatbots for their feedback on IONS Guiding Hypothesis:

Everything is interconnected. By embodying an awareness of this interconnection, we can tap into information and energy not limited by space and time, and profoundly amplify transformation, innovation, and well-being.

We got some fascinating responses, so we decided to follow up with Open AI – ChatGPT (which we found had the most robust content) on one aspect of their response to the IONS Guiding hypothesis because we were curious to learn more about this perspective:

It is essential to note that claims regarding the transcendence of space and time or the ability to access unlimited information and energy are speculative and not scientifically supported.

Below is a summary of what we heard from Chat GPT. This particular conversation with AI was interesting because it became an investigation into the current worldview on the kind of frontier science that IONS is doing and that ChatGPT is reflecting. 

One of the things that is interesting about AI is that it has the capacity to quickly access and summarize huge amounts of data and perspectives that are currently available online. While some of the responses we got from Chat GPT support the IONS hypothesis and our follow-up questions, there are definitely still perspectives reflecting that the rigorous research that IONS has conducted over the last 50 years (and the work of our colleagues in the field) that this kind of science is not evidence-based or validated. 

We’ve bolded those portions of the responses that we think represent some outdated perspectives on IONS research. We are curious what you think about what they reflect about the current worldview on frontier science(s), so you can comment on this blog until Friday, July 28th. 

Summary of AI’s Response to the Limitations of Space and Time

In the realm of science, our understanding of space and time is rooted in the theories of relativity put forth by Albert Einstein. According to these theories, the speed of light sets an upper limit on the transfer of information and energy through space-time. While there are theoretical possibilities such as wormholes and exotic phenomena like quantum entanglement, practical applications or evidence supporting transcending space and time remain speculative and hypothetical.

While technological advancements have certainly allowed us to access vast amounts of information and tap into various sources of energy, there are still limitations imposed by the laws of physics and the finite resources available to us. 

Similarly, energy availability is subject to physical and practical constraints. While we continue to develop renewable energy sources and strive for efficient utilization, there are still limitations imposed by the availability of resources, technological infrastructure, and environmental considerations.

It is important to differentiate between speculative or metaphysical claims and scientifically established knowledge. While the concept of interconnectedness has value in promoting empathy, holistic thinking, and interdisciplinary approaches, claims that go beyond established scientific understanding should be critically examined and approached with caution.

Science is an ongoing process of inquiry, and our understanding of the universe continues to evolve. As new discoveries and advancements are made, our understanding of interconnectedness and its potential implications may also expand. 

It is important to distinguish between the possibilities explored in scientific research and the claims that go beyond established scientific knowledge. Science relies on empirical evidence, rigorous testing, and repeatability to establish its findings. Speculative claims may inspire further exploration, but they require careful scrutiny and supporting evidence to be considered scientifically validated.

I’m familiar with the Institute of Noetic Sciences (IONS). IONS conducts scientific research on consciousness and interconnectedness. In summary, while there are theoretical possibilities and ongoing scientific exploration, the claims of unlimited access to information and energy and the transcendence of space and time currently lack sufficient empirical evidence within the established scientific framework.


Because AI Chatbots are always gathering information from what is available online at the moment, it also means that their responses are always changing. What are your thoughts about what these responses reflect about the current worldview on the kind of frontier science that IONS is doing?

8 responses to “What Can AI Tell Us About the Worldview on Frontier Science?

  1. Malcolm Clark

    AI’s response sounds as hopelessly rooted in an exclusively physical universe as our species continues to be, including those who program AI and all things digital in today’s world. A far more impressive and useful response from AI (if we can find the path to it) can be found when Chat GPT was asked the following question:

    Question: ChatGPT, can you describe a world where the power structures are reversed?

    And in general:

    “We have long lost sight of our true nature as fundamentally heart centered spiritual creatures of energy, functionally supported in life by the processor that is our brain. Artificial Intelligence profoundly exacerbates the long standing capture of culture by the Cartesian delusion that we are mind centered beings – cold, calculating data processors serviced by a simple pump in our chest, who traverse an exclusively physical Universe.

    In all worlds AI, ‘Love’ can never be more than an empty word peeling off of a line of code.

    If humanity is to truly evolve, even survive as a sensitive, compassionate, and highly intelligent species – Artificial Intelligence must be subordinated to its proper role as simply a tool to enhance and advance qualities of real Life. We must recover our sense of being as nature, and evolve accordingly toward an ORGANIC “singularity” – through the Authentic Intelligence everyone seems to be missing.”

    1. Nina Fry - IONS

      Thank you for your comment and sharing the responses you got from your inquiry to AI, Malcolm. Since AI is a data gathering system, it’s fascinating to not only see the responses but what it is reflecting back about what information is out there that it is gathering. Appreciate you contributing to this conversation.

  2. Tony Eckardt

    The private research that IONS does is regarded as pseudoscience by the academic world. There is only one way to get it recognized as research is to show natural explanations that are in line with the materialistic worldview. If you deviate from the dogma that governs research today, you will have problems. In Sweden. If you now claim that it is technically possible to measure the influence of consciousness on matter “Mind over Matter”. You want it recognized within the scientific community? These physical measurements you show are what physicists can judge! If you find an interested established physicist of mind over matter, he can get rid of his work, as it is considered a pseudoscience in the scientific community. What is left is private funding or TV companies that make TV series on the History Channel about your research and pay for the research through high viewership and advertising. The advantage of the latter is that you reach out to sponsors and the people who are interested and create an opinion for a changed image of the empire. Academia remains skeptical.

    1. Nina Fry - IONS

      It is really interesting to hear about how these things are seen in different countries and I think it provides a much wider perspective. Thank you for sharing, Tony!

  3. metamiz

    AI is a mirror image of the collective consciousness of our species… enchanted looms in the noosphere…

    1. Nina Fry - IONS

      Thanks so much for your comment. Yes! Agreed. Everything is a mirror in a certain way.

    2. Ken

      Black Mirror; a well written Netflix series about this very phenomenon, dramatizes a myriad of potential psychosocial repercussions on individuals’ consciousness, and their affects within contemporary culture, that can appear to synergistically co-arise with the rapid development and integration of various technologies with social media.

      1. Nina Fry - IONS

        Thank you for your comment, Ken! Good to know about Black Mirror.

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