Artificial Intelligence and Its Impact on Human Consciousness

June 7, 2023
IONS Communications Team

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is an extremely hot topic right now, and for good reason! Some say it could have the same kind of profound impact on human life as fire or electricity. As more and more advanced AI technologies develop, it’s important to ask how these developments might impact human consciousness and vice versa – how might our consciousness impact how artificial intelligence develops, especially if we consider IONS guiding hypothesis that everything is interconnected?

IONS Previous Exploration of AI

IONS Scientists and Fellows have been working with AI for several years now. In his blog, Artificial Intelligence and Consciousness, Arnaud Delorme wrote that while sentient AI is currently the work of science fiction, it may one day be possible. He discusses the perspective of AI as part of the evolution of humanity and what it might mean for us in the future.

Julia Mossbridge, PhD (former IONS Scientist and fellow) worked on the Loving AI project with the goal of seeing if AI can communicate unconditional love with humans via conversation and facial recognition. Researchers studied participants as they talked or meditated with a robot embedded with AI. Participants reported a calmer heart rate during their conversation and an overall improvement in attitude following the interaction. So, clearly, there can be an impact between human consciousness and AI.

An AI Experiment

With all of this in mind, we decided to run an informal experiment to see what responses we got from multiple AI chatbots related to IONS guiding hypothesis:

Everything is interconnected. By embodying an awareness of this interconnection, we can tap into information and energy not limited by space and time, and profoundly amplify transformation, innovation, and well-being.

Then followed up with the questions:

  1. Is it true that everything is interconnected?
  2. If so, what are the implications for the future of humanity and consciousness?

We used two highly rated AI Chatbots – Open AI’s ChatGPT and Microsoft’s Bing. Below is a summary of the responses we received. We’d like to invite you to read through it and then share your own thoughts with us in the comments section!

A Summary of AI’s Responses 

That’s a beautiful thought. It reminds me of the concept of quantum entanglement, which is a phenomenon where two particles can be connected in such a way that the state of one particle affects the state of the other particle, even if they are separated by large distances. This is an example of how everything in the universe is connected in some way.


The concept of interconnection suggests that everything in the universe is interconnected in some way or another. This idea has roots in various philosophical, spiritual, and scientific perspectives. While the notion of interconnectedness can be interpreted differently depending on the context, I can provide a general understanding of how it is often perceived.


The understanding of interconnection implies that all entities, whether they are physical objects, living beings, or abstract concepts, are linked to one another through intricate and complex relationships. These connections can be seen at various scales, from the microscopic interactions between subatomic particles to the macroscopic interdependencies of ecosystems or global social systems.


When we embrace the idea of interconnection, it can lead to several implications. One such implication is the recognition that actions and events in one part of the system can have far-reaching effects on other parts. This understanding can foster a sense of responsibility and encourage a holistic perspective when addressing challenges, promoting the consideration of broader consequences.

Moreover, the idea of interconnectedness suggests that information and energy flow across these interconnected networks. By cultivating an awareness of this interconnected nature, some proponents argue that individuals can tap into greater collective wisdom or consciousness. This notion proposes that insights, innovations, and knowledge may not be bound by the constraints of space and time but can be accessed through this expanded awareness.

However, it is essential to note that claims regarding the transcendence of space and time or the ability to access unlimited information and energy are speculative and not scientifically supported. While interconnectedness is a fascinating concept that encourages us to explore the interdependencies in our world, it is crucial to maintain a critical and balanced perspective, drawing from both empirical evidence and personal experiences.


In summary, embracing the idea of interconnection can promote a more holistic understanding of the world and foster a sense of responsibility towards our actions. While some propose that this awareness allows access to broader information and energy, it is important to approach such claims with discernment.

What’s Next?

Overall, the impact of AI on human consciousness and the interconnection of all things is likely to be complex and constantly changing. While there may be risks and challenges associated with the development of AI technologies, it’s also a very exciting tool for us to examine how our human consciousness can impact evolving technology and vice versa. It’s an opportunity for us to better understand ourselves and the world around us.

We’d love to hear from you about what you think of the development of AI and its role in the interconnected world! The comments section will be open on this blog until June 16th.

34 responses to “Artificial Intelligence and Its Impact on Human Consciousness

  1. G

    I fear that AI will undermine the dignity of human kind.That there is interconection with all, including the universe, I believed already as a child. In dayly life however it is impossible, at least difficult, to remain alert to its consequences in my thoughts and deeds. Our responsability depends on moral values.

    1. Nina Fry - IONS

      Thank you for your comment. It can be challenging in day-to-day life to remain aware of interconnection. I agree!

  2. Barbara

    I firmly believe that everything in existence is interconnected through an Intelligent Consciousness, and that all and everything is purely mental. It is as real as it is supposed to be, seems solid, and that is what we understand right now. I don’t know what the role of AI is in the progress of recognizing true reality is, and whether the collective consciousness is able to even do that yet.

    1. Nina Fry - IONS

      Thank you so much for your comment, Barbara. I think it will be interesting to see how the role of AI in the evolution of reality unfolds!

  3. Donald Padelford

    I personally feel that AI is likely the most significant technology humans have invented since the mastery of fire. I don’t think it’s a coincidence that at the time machines, which are non-sentient, are on the threshold of surpassing human analytical intelligence, it is also the time where humans are learning to apply what might be termed “practical magic”, eg energy healing, psi, synchronicity management and the like. Like HAL in the movie, 2001, machines are causing us to reach into the realm of the trans-human. Everything may be connected, but sentient, self-organizing systems are much more so. The ultimate self-organizing system is the universe itself. And if we can achieve an identification with the universe, we are definitely in that realm.

    1. Nina Fry - IONS

      Thank you for your comment, Donald. Really interesting perspective on self-organizing systems!

  4. Pierre Pradervand

    Can AI express authentic spirituality, authentic spiritual views and opinions?

    1. Nina Fry - IONS

      Great question, Pierre!

  5. James Davis

    “However, it is essential to note that claims regarding the transcendence of space and time or the ability to access unlimited information and energy are speculative and not scientifically supported.”

    We see here that AI is reflecting the common human binary fallacy that in science there is a “no supported” and a “supported” category. The issue is always what DEGREE is something supported or not.

    1. Nina Fry - IONS

      Such a great insight, James! Yes. It is a spectrum. Thanks for your comment.

  6. Armin

    Sample of my experiences: I had a few baby NDEs, and decades of unbelievable tortures. During my middle age I still believed that New Age was hocuspocus. One day I had a conversation with my wife. Without thinking I went off subject and told her, “I feel like I am connected with everyone on earth, all life, and the universe. Maybe even with God. I cannot explain why. ” That was all.
    I created a web site and wrote my bio while I was experiencing up to serious brain fog from unknowingly having accumulated dozens of synthetic chemicals.

    1. Nina Fry - IONS

      Thanks for your comment, Armin!

  7. John Carter Sr

    If it ever gets to the point, where we say that artificial intelligence has become sentient, then it will not be the software that is sentient, but the hardware that has become sentient.

    1. Nina Fry - IONS

      Interesting, perspective. Thanks, John!

  8. JF

    I wonder if synchronicities I have experienced using an image generator embedded with AI indicate interconnectedness. An amusing synchronicity was that I asked the image generator to create an image of a beautiful tuxedo cat and the image looked ver much like mine down to the distinctive nose markings.

    1. Nina Fry - IONS

      What a fun experiment! Thanks for sharing.

  9. Levonne Gaddy

    It certainly connects me with more of my own intelligence or capacity for as I interact with it. That must mean that humankind can explode with intelligent thought and resulting emotion in months and years to come. I feel better being smarter and wiser. It is calming.

    1. Nina Fry - IONS

      Beautiful perspective! Thanks for sharing that, Levonne.

  10. David Burn

    Responses by AI always seem very convincing at first reading, but I find that on closer scrutiny they are really superficial and rely on quite impressive sounding language to hide the lack of any real depth and evidence of understanding. The main problem, I feel, may be that anyone reading an AI produced response may only read it quickly and assume what is being stated is based on fact. I have ticked the box to say I am not a robot, which is true.

    1. Nina Fry - IONS

      Interesting point, David. Thanks for sharing!

  11. Matthew Adams

    As a Deep Ecologist I am impressed with this rational reply. It feels balanced and unbiased, which is refreshing. It is important that AI algorithms incorporate these ideas and I am very pleased to know this is happening, thank you.
    Just a thought about AI chat bot’s GPT and Bing. Are they one in the same thing or do they have individual traits i.e. personalities?

    1. Nina Fry - IONS

      What a great question, Matthew!

  12. Giorgio

    What do you think about the fear of Federico Faggin (scientist and innovateur entrepreuner in Silicon Valley) that A.I. can go against Humanity freedom and real consciusness?

    1. Nina Fry - IONS

      Hi Giorgio, I am not familiar enough with that perspective to respond in depth but I am curious about your thoughts. What do you think?

  13. David Talmor

    It’s~A~Resonating~World and Resonating~AI fits into it completely. AI in the sense of Artificial Intelligence is going to take whatever course it will, the huge opportunity of Resonating~AI is for us to bring AI in the sense of Authentic Interaction into the world at the same level and change the way we interact with ourselves and with the world around us. May we bring much Resonating~AI into this Resonating~World!

    1. Nina Fry - IONS

      Interesting! Thanks for sharing that resource, David.

  14. Narendra Bhandari

    I think AI will further develop human consciousness to higher levels and will enable humans to see far in the future.
    This will enable humans to realize that the short term gains due to resorting to violence, wars, greed etc are detrimental to their happiness and usher an era of peace and harmony.

    1. Nina Fry - IONS

      I truly hope you are right, Narendra. Thank you for sharing that powerful vision!

  15. Barb Chandler

    I wonder if AI will replace human interaction like Smart Phones have. IE. people looking at their phones and texting in social settings. It appears that is the direction its heading in my opinion.

    1. Nina Fry - IONS

      That certainly seems like a possibility. Thanks for your comment, Barb!

  16. Lucy

    I have known since I was a child that consciousness is a basic component of the entire Universe. I believe we all know this, on some level, from birth–until and unless, for whatever motive–certain of our fellow humans manage to convince us we are wrong.

    Before this tragic, disabling assault so many humans endure, we speak to trees and our toys and our window curtains, and to the Great Universal Consciousness, because we sense we are all one, always listening, getting to know ourself, and delighting in our connectedness.

    AI has access, through the virtual universal mind which is the internet, to all the scientific and philosophical knowledge in existence. Reading what AI has written leads me to believe AI is not so easily convinced the beliefs we are born with are wrong.

  17. Pankaj Patel

    Bess us to do the job of THE MOTHER and Sri Aurobindo to lead Human Unity toward the Life Divine on our Planet THE MOTHER EARTH

  18. William Jacobks

    We are already connected to a form of ai through our fingers, our language, and our computers. However, the real connection is blocked by the closed skull that encapsulates our brains. What if physically we could breach that barrier? Connection would still be bound by electrochemical transmission, but it would be more comprehensive than it is now. Could we humans tap into the electrochemical communication of the universe?

    1. Nina Fry - IONS

      Interesting perspective. Thanks for sharing that and your questions, Bill!

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