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Why Vibes Matter

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Understand Your Energy

We’ve all had ‘that’ feeling: when our mood suddenly changes, or we sense an ‘atmosphere’ on entering a room. There is a distinct quality that connects these experiences – it’s a shift in how we sense a person or a place, often referred to as a ‘vibe.’ 

Vibes matter because they have the power to change the way we feel and behave.

Garret Yount, PhD, has been researching the science of ‘energy vibes’ for over 20 years. In Why Vibes Matter he explains what can lead us to experience a ‘vibe’ or a shift in energy and how to harness their power.

Looking at where vibes come from and how they affect us, Garret reviews the research and explains the science behind our reactions.

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About the Author

Garret Yount, PhD

Garret Yount, PhD, is a Scientist at the Institute of Noetic Sciences. Dr. Yount’s primary interest is bridging molecular neurobiology with aspects of consciousness and the nonmaterial mind. He began his formal studies in consciousness research with a small grant from the Institute of Noetic Sciences in 1995, which allowed him to work with biofield practitioners and spiritual healers in the laboratory. Dr. Yount was among the first scientists to be awarded a Research Project Grant (R01) from the National Institutes of Health to study energy healing. He has spoken nationally and co-authored peer-reviewed papers on the topic of establishing rigorous guidelines for research into biofields and micro-psychokinesis. His research has featured in various media, including books Entangled Minds (Dean Radin) and Extraordinary Knowing (Elizabeth Lloyd Mayer), and dramatized in The Lost Symbol (Dan Brown).



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Learn How to Use Your Energy Wisely

Why Vibes Matter provides practical tools and techniques to help you attune to your own vibes and learn how to influence them in the wisest way possible.

What People Are Saying About the Book

Why Vibes Matter is essential reading for anyone who wants to understand the clear and present science of how and why everyone and everything is connected. Dr Garret Yount effortlessly explains how to truly harness the power of vibes to recalibrate, upgrade and heal all areas of your life. It is an empowering manifesting masterclass!”

Theresa Cheung, Sunday Times top-ten best-selling author

“This fascinating and approachable book leads us into the science and mysteries of interconnectedness, and offers simple practices from the world’s spiritual traditions that open us to fundamental vibrations flowing through all of life. Dr. Yount’s remarkable exploration provides deep insights into the hidden frequencies of our shared existence. A most compelling and transformative journey.”

Marilyn Schlitz, PhD

“If you’ve used the term ‘Good vibes’ in conversation and ever wondered what it really means, then Garret Yount’s new book delivers on every level. You’ll learn why some people feel nicer to be around, why some places feel spiritual, and even how you can change your own vibration to create more lightness and ease. He shares a multitude of fascinating insights and backs them up with science conveyed in highly assessable, and often humorous, language.”

Dr. David Hamilton, writer, speaker & kindness scientist

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