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Welcome, Theresa Cheung Readers!

Over the last four decades IONS has conducted ground-breaking investigations into the farther reaches of human potential. As an admirer of Theresa’s work, you may have seen her Facebook videos of our scientists talking about their current research areas such as mediumship, channeling, precognition, and energy fields and gene expression.

As Theresa so ably articulates in her books, we KNOW people have experiences that cannot be accounted for in the conventionally accepted scientific paradigm. IONS’ mission is to bridge these experiences with rigorous scientific research, and to develop a more accurate understanding of consciousness and the nature of reality.

With as little as $10, you can support this important work!

This is but a small sample of how our work impacts the world, and we hope you will enjoy exploring. Share these offerings with others and encourage them to support us as well. We also hope that you will be inspired to support our ongoing work.

Together, we can create a worldwide shift in consciousness!

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