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Markov Chain

Dean Radin, PhD

Experiments Testing Models of Mind-Matter Interaction

Status: Complete

Three models of mind-matter interaction (MMI) in RNGs were tested. One model assumes that MMI is a forward-time causal influence, a second assumes that MMI is due to present-time exploitation of precognitive perceptions, and a third assumes that MMI is a retrocausal influence. A pilot test and a planned replication study provided significant evidence for MMI, allowing the models to be tested. The outcomes suggest that MMI effects on RNGs are better accounted for by a backwards-in-time rather than a forward-in-time process. Whether this finding will generalize to other experimental designs and MMI phenomena is unknown, but it raises the possibility that teleological pulls from the future may sometimes influence present-time decisions and events. This raises questions about commonly used scientific methodologies and assumptions.

This study is documented in the following paper:
Radin, D. I. (2006). Experiments testing models of mind-matter interaction. Journal of Scientific Exploration. 20 (3), 375-401.

We would like to acknowledge the following for supporting this project: Samueli Institute

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