Research Projects

Large Scale Online Testing of Psi Abilities to Identify and Test Talented Individuals

Arnaud Delorme, PhD
Status: In Progress

To date, IONS GotPsi online platform has recorded over 250 million individual trials from more than 300,000 people around the world. The current website was designed in 2,000 with technology that still functions but is now obsolete. The platform currently attracts more than 300 unique visitors and collects over 6,000 trials per day, reflecting the potential of such large-scale community-based research efforts. In addition, its current popularity reflects the need for a modern parapsychological research platform with new capabilities incorporating current technological standards. Two essential improvements will provide researchers with the ability to program an extended suite of tasks that are currently not possible and provide essential security enhancements to prevent hacking and loss of data.

Web-based studies offer a number of significant advantages over traditional laboratory tests. Large amounts of data can be gathered at a low cost; tests can be provided automatically to practically anyone, anytime; and people can participate from the comfort and quiet of their own home. Based on IONS expertise and background in the development on online platforms to collect data to support scientific research on psychic abilities, the objective is to launch a state-of-the-art online research platform.

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