Research Projects

Field REG Experimental Device (FRED)

Dean Radin, PhD

Field Consciousness

Status: Complete

This project created a PC-based software package to collect data from a commercial RNG (random number generator) for “field consciousness” experiments. The program was used for a collaborative research project with The Monroe Institute. FRED is an acronym for Field REG Experimental Device, and REG is short for “random event generator.” This software worked on earlier versions of Windows and no longer works on Windows 10 or beyond.

Results of this study were documented in this article:
Radin, D. I., & Atwater, F. H. (2009). Exploratory evidence for correlations between entrained mental coherence and random physical systems.  Journal of Scientific Exploration, 23 (3), 1-10.

We would like to acknowledge the following for supporting this project:  Michael Breland and Claire Russell

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