Unorthodox Forms of Anticipation

January 1, 2017
Dean Radin, PhD

Radin, D. (2017). Unorthodox Forms of Anticipation. Anticipation and Medicine, (pp. 281-292). Springer, Cham.


Prediction involves the act of mentally projecting into possible futures based on knowledge of the past and influenced by present wants and needs. Most scientists assume that prediction is sufficient to account for forms of behavior in which the future is represented by wants and needs. Experiences that are labeled intuitive hunches, gut feelings, premonitions, or presentiments are suggestive of time-reversed forms of anticipation. Despite the seeming impossibility of genuine time-reversed effects, a growing body of empirical data in psychology, psychophysiology, and physics suggests that despite the disquiet associated with the concept of retrocausality, such influences may nevertheless exist.

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