Is scientific information received from channeling useful? An exploratory study

June 3, 2022
Helané Wahbeh, ND, MCR

Wahbeh, H., Speirn, P., Pederzoli, L., & Tressoldi, P. (2022, June 4). Is scientific information received from channeling useful? An exploratory study. Retrieved from


Background: The type of channeling in which we enter a trance has been called by various names throughout history, such as prophecy, oracle, spiritual communication, and spirit possession. One potential reason channeling has persisted over human history is that channeling is believed to transmit valid and vital information in many cultures and contexts. The overall goal of this exploratory study was to evaluate the potential usefulness of channeled information for ten questions of a scientific nature.

Objectives: The objectives of the study were to:

1) assess the correspondence of channeled and non-channeled answers within questions.

2) evaluate the correspondence of different channelers’ responses to each question while in channeling and non-channeling states.

3) examine whether channelers believe they are receiving information from the same source for the United States channelers

4) explore qualitative themes that emerge for each question.

Method Channelers provided answers to ten questions in a channeled and non-channeled state. These answers were evaluated for correspondence by three judges using structured criteria. Qualitative thematic analysis was applied to the answers as well.

Results: A low correspondence between channeled and non-channeled answers was found as hypothesized. Contrary to our hypothesis, there was low correspondence for each question across channelers. We also observed that there was little support that the channelers were accessing the same source of information. We found coherent and common themes for many but not all ten questions. Several methodological learnings were gleaned from the study.

Conclusions: This exploratory study offers excellent insight into improving future studies attempting to obtain valuable information through channeling.

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