Reported Paranormal Experiences Associated with Improved Outcomes of Personal Development Workshops

March 10, 2021
Arnaud Delorme, PhD, Dean Radin, PhD, Garret Yount, PhD, Helané Wahbeh, ND, MCR

Wahbeh, H., Yount, G., Vieten, C., Radin, D., & Delorme, A. (2021). Reported paranormal experiences associated with improved outcomes of personal development workshops, 10 March 2021, PREPRINT (Version 1) available at Research Square.


We explored personal development workshops’ transformative effects by evaluating participants’ transformative, noetic, transpersonal, and relational experiences during workshops and their association with interconnectedness, well-being, and extended perception measure changes in a prospective, uncontrolled, within-participant design study. Participants reported positive changes that a majority felt would affect their behavior and relationships. Perceived contact with the dead was associated with an increased interconnectedness, as was a meaningful experience with wildlife or animals. A meaningful experience with a person, place, or thing was associated with increased well-being. These analyses support the idea that engaging in personal development workshops is positively transformative.

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