Precognition as a Form of Prospection: A Review of the Evidence

March 1, 2018
Dean Radin, PhD

Mossbridge, J. A. & Radin, D. I. (2018). Precognition as a Form of Prospection: A Review of the Evidence. Psychology of Consciousness: Theory, Research, and Practice. 5, 1, 78-93.


Prospection, the act of attempting to foresee one’s future, is generally assumed to be based on conscious and nonconscious inferences from past experiences and anticipation of future possibilities. Most scientists consider the idea that prospection may also involve influences from the future to be flatly impossible due to violation of common sense or constraints based on one or more physical laws. We present several classes of empirical evidence challenging this common assumption. If this line of evidence can be successfully and independently replicated using preregistered designs and analyses, then the consequences for the interpretation of experimental results from any empirical domain would be profound.

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