Network of Integrate-and-Fire Neurons Using Rank Order Coding A

June 1, 2001
Arnaud Delorme, PhD

Perrinet, L., Delorme, A., Thorpe, S. (2001) Network of integrate-and-fire neurons using Rank Order Coding A: how to implement spike timing dependant plasticity. Neurocomputing, 38-40(1-4), 817-822. Science Direct.

Based on neurophysiological observations of the behavior of synapses, Spike Time Dependent Hebbian Plasticity is a novel extension to the modeling of the Hebb Rule [6]. This rule has enormous importance in the learning of Spiking Neural Networks (SNN) but its mechanisms and computational properties are still to be explored. In this article, we present a generative model for Spike Time Dependent Plasticity based on a simplified model of the synaptic kinetic. We then explore the fitting of this model to experimental data and review some of it’s dynamical properties. Finally we extend this model to a simplified model of Integrate and Fire (IF) neurons network using Rank Order Coding.

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