A Metaphysical Theory Connecting Mind, Matter, and Meaning

April 4, 2023
Dean Radin, PhD

Radin, D. (2023). A Metaphysical Theory Connecting Mind, Matter, and Meaning: A review of Dual-Aspect Monism and the Deep Structure of Meaning. Journal of Anomalous Experience and Cognition3(1), 194–203.


Dual-aspect monism proposes that reality consists of a single, undifferentiated, holistic “substance” (monism) that splits into mind and matter (dual aspects). In this view, mind and matter are linked, or intimately correlated, by meaning. These tight correlations do not imply that mind causally affects matter, or vice versa, but rather they point to an acausal relation. Atmanspacher and Rickles propose that this metaphysical theory, based on deep philosophical roots and refined based on ideas from quantum mechanics, provides a satisfying model of reality that does justice to both the mental and physical domains. They describe a line of qualitative research that appears to support their theory, but they inexplicably dismiss a much larger body of quantitative studies that provide far greater support.

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