From Single-trials EEG to Brain Area Dynamics

January 1, 2002
Arnaud Delorme, PhD

Delorme, A., Makeig, S., Fabre-Thorpe, M. Sejnowski, T. (2002) From Single-trials EEG to Brain Area Dynamics. Neurocomputing, 44-46, 1057-1064.


We here present a new technique for visualizing the temporal dynamics of brain area activation and interaction at high temporal resolution. We first applied Independent Component Analysis to concatenated single-trial EEG data from a fast go-nogo categorization task of natural images and showed that individual independent components might index neural synchrony within and between intracranial brain sources. We used time-frequency decomposition to model their dynamic interactions. In particular, following stimulus presentations, we showed that several independent components were activated and synchronized in the theta frequency range (near 4Hz).

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