Engagement in a Community-Based Integral Practice Program Enhances Well-being

July 1, 2014
Cassandra Vieten, PhD, Dean Radin, PhD, Marilyn Schlitz, PhD

Vieten, C, Estrada, M, Cohen, A, Radin, D, Schlitz, M. (2014) Engagement in a Community-Based Integral Practice Program Enhances Well-being. International Journal of Transpersonal Studies, 33(2) 3.


This project examined associations between engagement in a community-based integral practice program and measures of health and well-being. In this prospective withinsubjects uncontrolled cohort study, 53 participants of Integral Transformative Practice (ITP), a program that incorporates movement, nutritional and exercise recommendations, affirmations, contemplative introspection, theory and philosophy, and group discussions and activities, were followed over one year. Participants completed online questionnaires upon enrollment, at six months, and one year later. Repeated measures analyses showed that participants reported improved overall health and reduced symptoms of ill health, as well as increased psychological well-being, vitality, and quality of life over the course of the year. Greater involvement in the practice community predicted better psychological well-being, increased quality of life, and greater self-transcendence. Self-transcendence mediated the relationship between level of ITP involvement and psychological well-being outcomes, and predicted physical health outcomes, suggesting that this construct may be important to the effectiveness of participating in wellness interventions.

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