Don’t Look at My Hand: A Response to “Quantum Misuse in Psychic Literature”

April 2, 2019
Dean Radin, PhD

Radin, D. (2019). Don’t Look at My Hand: A Response to “Quantum Misuse in Psychic Literature.” Journal of Near-Death Studies, 37(3), 171-173.


In this invited response to the article “Quantum Misuse in Psychic Literature” by Jack A. Mroczkowski and Alexis P. Malozemoff, appearing in this issue of the Journal of Near-Death Studies, I agree that the term “quantum” can be misused if it is used as an explanation for psychic phenomena. What quantum mechanics does provide, whereas classical mechanics does not, is evidence that the physical world is compatible with psychic phenomena. That is, the core mystery about psychic experiences is that they transcend the everyday constraints of space and time. The same mystery is true of quantum phenomena. Some authors claim that this shared mystery is a mere coincidence. If so, that is an astonishing coincidence.

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