BIDS-EEG: An Extension to the Brain Imaging Data Structure (BIDS) Specification for Electroencephalography

December 7, 2018
Arnaud Delorme, PhD

Pernet, C. R., Appelhoff, S., Flandin, G., Phillips, C., Delorme, A., & Oostenveld, R. (2018). BIDS-EEG: an extension to the Brain Imaging Data Structure (BIDS) Specification for electroencephalography.PsyArXiv, 6 Dec. 2018, doi:10.31234/


The Brain Imaging Data Structure (BIDS) project is a quickly evolving effort among the human brain imaging research community to create standards allowing researchers to readily organize and share study data within and between laboratories. The first BIDS standard was proposed for the MRI/fMRI research community and has now been widely adopted. More recently a magnetoencephalography (MEG) data extension, BIDS-MEG, has been published. Here we present an extension to BIDS for electroencephalography (EEG) data, BIDS-EEG, along with tools and references to a series of public EEG datasets organized using this new standard.

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