Thomas G. Brophy, PhD


Thomas G. Brophy, PhD, is President of the Institute of Noetic Sciences (IONS). He previously served as president of California Institute for Human Science (CIHS). His tenure as president of CIHS oversaw a many-year effort to achieve regional accreditation in 2021, for CIHS as a unique mind, body, spirit centered university. Earning a BA in physics from Colorado College, and MS and PhD degrees in physics from the University of Colorado, Boulder, Thomas’ academic and scientific backgrounds include work on NASA’s Voyager and Cassini spacecraft projects, the CU Laboratory for Atmospheric and Space Physics, and an appointment as a National Science Foundation Exchange Scientist at the University of Tokyo Department of Earth and Planetary Physics and ISAS robotic space program. Thomas explored the consciousness related aspects of UAP phenomena in his 1998 book The Mechanism Demands a Mysticism: An Exploration of Spirit, Matter, and Physics. His study of the archaeoastronomy of prehistoric Egypt, published in his books The Origin Map, and Black Genesis co-authored with Robert Bauval, has been cited as relevant to the study of extraterrestrial, or transhuman, intelligence.

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