2019 Conference

Rollin McCraty, PhD

Research Director, Professor, Psychophysiologist

Rollin McCraty, PhD, is Director of Research of the HeartMath Research Center at the HeartMath Institute. He is also a visiting Professor at Florida Atlantic University. As a psychophysiologist, Dr. McCraty’s research interests include the physiology of emotion, with a focus on the mechanisms by which emotions influence cognitive processes, behavior, and health as well as the global interconnectivity between people and the earth’s energetic systems. Findings from this research have been applied to the development of tools and technology to optimize individual and organizational health, performance, and quality of life. Dr. McCraty has acted as Principal Investigator in numerous laboratory research studies examining the effects of emotions on heart-brain interactions and on autonomic, cardiovascular, hormonal, and immune system function. He has also served as PI in a number of field studies to determine the outcomes of positive emotion-focused interventions and heart rhythm coherence feedback in diverse organizational and educational settings as well as in various clinical populations.He has been featured in a number of documentary films such as I amThe TruthThe Joy of Sox, The Power of the HeartSolar Revolution, and The Living Matrix among many others.

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