Iya Whiteley, MClinPsy, PhD

Space & Aviation Psychologist, Cosmic Baby Academy Founder

Iya Whiteley, MClinPsy, PhD, is a mother of two children & her other skills are Space & Aviation Psychologist, Cognitive Engineer, Korean Medicine Practitioner & Trainer of Sam Won Dong moving & healing meditation, Regression, Sound Healing & Family Constellation Practitioner.

Iya is the bestselling author on Amazon of the Cosmic Baby Books for newborn babies & Designer of EARTH DESIGN series. Iya setup the Cosmic Baby Academy to assist in communication & development of the nurturing connection between parents & babies & parents to be & their yet to be born babies. Now, Iya is designing the experiential course in Spiritual Psychology for Parents.

Iya is fascinated by human unusual & exceptional experiences, & how it affects our lives, & how we perform & adapt in extreme environments. Iya is in constant search of methods to improve our development & performance at any stage of life. Where possible through personal experience, Iya is discovering tools from cultures & indigenous traditions across the globe, to support all aspects of our well-being with minimum resources whether living far away from any help in deep space or in remote regions in Earth. Hence a multitude of skills are being gained along the lifepath on Earth.

Starting with Martial Art training as a child & at 20 years old, Iya trained with Prof Park Jae Woo in a unique Korean family lineage medicine system, followed by training as a Clinical Psychologist & Human Machine Interface designer of aircraft cockpits. She designs both equipment & training programmes & tools to improve the performance of highly trained safety-critical professionals, including military pilots, astronauts, cosmonauts & surgeons.

Iya advised the UK Space Agency, worked at the European Astronaut Centre, European Space Agency in Cologne & collaborated with NASA & the Gagarin Cosmonaut Training Centre in Star City. Iya is a Pilot, Rescue Scuba Diver, Skydiver & Free Diving with wild dolphins.

Since having her own children, using her professional knowledge designing for astronauts, Iya now designs visual books, training courses for parents-to-be & those with newborn babies & older children. She is tapping into babies’ developmental potential, which is a small window of opportunity & giving our next generation the best possible start to connect with our unique planet Earth.

Iya’s background in numbers:


+ 25 years in Korean Acupuncture, Acupressure, Twist Therapy & Breathing Movement Gymnastic Sam Won Dong, Voice & Sacred Drumming Healing Practitioner, Family Constellation Practice Facilitator


+ 13 years, Director, Centre for Space Medicine, University College London, UK
+ 25 years in Aviation & Space Psychology with Masters in Clinical Psychology & PhD in Cognitive Engineering, working with Pilots, Surgeons & Astronauts
+ 2 years Elected Chair of the Space Environment Working Group
+ 2 years UK Space Exploration Advisory Committee Member


+ 30 scientific & popular science publications & public talks including being the Expert-presenter, Space Psychologist, on the BBC Science 6 series, “Astronauts: Do you have what it takes?”
Author of the bestseller on Amazon UK in newborn babies development books, EARTH DESIGN series; an expert scientific textbook, “Toolkit for a Space Psychologist”, based on the European Space Agency study I lead that defined a comprehensive toolset for psychological wellbeing during missions to the Moon & Mars.

Explore current projects I am working on & professional effort I contribute to here:

UAP Integration & Outreach Committee, Human Factors Team of the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics’ almost 30,000 professional members, lead by Ryan Graves, a former Lt. U.S. Navy & F/A-18F pilot

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