Cédric Cannard, PhD

Senior Research Associate
Cédric Cannard completed a Bachelor’s in Sports Science and a MSc in Neuropsychology and Clinical Neuroscience. During his MSc, he conducted research on brain atrophies in Schizophrenia at the ISTCT Research unit in Caen, France, and on brain oscillations in color vision at the CerCo laboratory in Toulouse, France.

In early 2022, Cédric completed his PhD in Neuroscience under the guidance of Helane Wahbeh and Arnaud Delorme. His research focused on well-being, EEG methods, and the collection of large EEG datasets in real-world settings using wearable neurotechnology. His work has contributed to advancing the understanding of brain dynamics associated with well-being and developing innovative EEG methodologies.

Since completing his PhD, Cédric has been working at the intersection of biosignal processing (EEG, ECG, PPG, EDA, EGG), wearable neurotechnology, well-being, altered states of consciousness, and psi phenomena. He is dedicated to leveraging wearable neurotechnology to enhance well-being, fullfilment, and explore the frontiers of human consciousness.

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