Cédric Cannard, PhD

Senior Research Associate

Cédric Cannard completed a Bachelors in sport science and a MSc in neuroscience during which he worked brain atrophies (MRI) associated with Schizophrenia with the ISTCT laboratory in Caen, France, and then on brain oscillations (EEG) involved in color vision processing with the CerCo Laboratory in Toulouse, France. He then moved to California to become a research assistant for the Institute of Noetic Sciences (IONS), and in December 2018 received a 3-year grant to work on his PhD in neuroscience under the co-supervision of Drs. Helané Wahbeh (IONS) and Arnaud Delorme (CerCo, France), focusing on well-being, EEG methods, wearable neurotechnologies, consciousness, and psi. In early 2022, Cédric successfully earned his PhD from Paul Sabatier University, CNRS, France, and joined the IONS Science team full-time as a Senior Research Associate.

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