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An online workshop to inspire a new reality

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Transformation Begins Within

Around the globe, individuals are awakening to a recognition of the deep interconnection that forms the foundation of reality. And more and more of us are responding to the seeming limitations of our current circumstances with innovative ideas and solutions, offering the gifts that are ours to give — our time, our creativity, and our hearts.

These inner calls for transformation — of impactful changes for ourselves, our communities, and the world —  can be described as moonshots. Moonshots ask us to stretch, to access inner resources we may not know we possess and to reach beyond the seeming boundaries. Most importantly, moonshots build  bridges to an inspiring new reality.

Do you have a dream that wants to come to life? A creative endeavor, a personal inner shift, or a passion project that is primed to burst forth into the world?  You may not know exactly what it is, and yet have a persistent urge to do something. That may well be a moonshot calling you.

We invite you to get clear about YOUR moonshot

This Possibility Accelerator Experience is an online workshop designed to guide you in exploring and energizing your moonshot. This research-based program focuses on noetic concepts, tools, and practices to support you in creating any personal or collective transformation. In this workshop, you will:

  • Define, explore and energize your personal Moonshot vision
  • Enhance your conscious awareness of the interconnected whole and learn to use it more skillfully in your life.
  • Identify noetic tools and practices to support your Moonshot vision (and other aspects of your life)
  • Formulate a process and ignite a spark that will help you move this vision into a reality.
  • Understand your own unique Noetic Signature™ and use it to support your progress towards your Moonshot

Get Ready to Reach for a New Reality!

Your Possibility Accelerator Experience Includes:

  • Video curriculum and an interactive Exploration Guide that you can experience at your own pace
  • Curated resources to explore the concepts presented in this workshop and the research supporting them
  • Live webinar sessions to address specific questions pertaining to your moonshot and the PAE formula
  • A Community Forum to connect with like-minded noetic seekers
  • Plus bonus materials for inspiration and deeper exploration!

Join the Live Sessions from Anywhere in the World

  • We use Zoom video conferencing for all live sessions
  • Use your smartphone, tablet, or computer to access the Zoom session online
  • You’ll need internet access with broadband wired or 3G or 4G/LTE wireless
  • Make sure to enable the microphone, speaker, and video camera on your device

These live sessions will be recorded for workshop registrants who prefer to view them at a later date.

If you have special needs we will do our best to accommodate them. Please reach out to us at experience@noetic.org with questions.

Four Modules to Guide You


Introduction to the Possibility Accelerator Formula and other fundamental concepts


Create your Moonshot Vision; set the intention for your hopes, dreams, and desires to be manifested


Invite information from the interconnected field of consciousness to arise and offer further clarity


Take action to launch your moonshot and begin to create the transformation you desire

Plus BONUS Materials!

For even more inspiration and exploration

"Living Classroom" with Christopher Bache, PhD

From the 2009 IONS International Conference, IONS Emeritus Fellow Chris Bache explores the dynamics of collective consciousness in the classroom and how it can be applied to groups of all kinds.

"Creative Intent" with Barbara Marx Hubbard

From IONS 2006 "Intention Download" interview series, visionary leader Barbara Marx Hubbard explores how the most powerful intentions come from the journey of the soul towards greater knowing.

Meditation Module

As a foundational practice for connecting with energy and information beyond space and time, this bonus module explores different types of meditation to help you learn what might be the best fit for you to create a connection to noetic energy and information.

"Answering the Call" with Rev. Deborah L. Johnson

An inspirational presentation from the IONS International 2019 Conference on how old paradigms are dissipating in the radiance of a new, cosmic awakening that is calling us up and out, and details how we can boldly answer the call!


Winter Cohort 2022

Self-paced Study:

Thursday, January 20 – FOUNDATIONS module opens

Thursday, January 27 – IMAGINE module opens

Thursday, February 3 – REVEAL module opens

Thursday, February 10 – IGNITE module opens


Live Interactive Q&A Sessions via Zoom:

All live sessions are conducted at 11:00am PST.
Recordings will be available for those who cannot attend the live sessions.

Thursday, January 27

Thursday, February 3

Thursday, February 10

Thursday, February 17


Community Online Forum:

Thursday, January 20 – Tuesday, March 15
For review purposes, workshop files will continue to be viewable for three months after the last live Q&A session.


Frankly I thought the course was brilliant.

The curriculum was beautiful. The organization was elegant and accessible. The variety of activities and experiences provided a wealth of information that came from a variety of kinds of communication. The ‘teachers’ were able to guide in a thoughtful, kind, and insightful way. They taught but they also led.

Sara H.

It allowed me to tap into my self and find an additional layer of trust and recognition.

It guided me to explore my inner horizons. This has been a life-changing process for my personal stage of development and it has grown my courage to be the master of my own destiny.

Rachael A.

Every module offered valuable information, meaningful practices and abundant resources.

I really appreciate the enthusiasm, research, support and accessibility from Kerstin, Nina and Dominic every step of the way. The course was well-researched, positive and meaningful. It offered hope and connection to an every day ordinary person like myself, not just for Phd-brainiacs. A real boost to my psyche and hope for my heart in these stressful, mixed-up uncertain times.

Brittany E.

The structure was easy to follow and engage in.

I wanted to see if by aligning with community I could enhance my well being, self awareness and connection to all that is. Simultaneously, I wanted the structure and pragmatics of a tangible program to help me realize my potential and move me along. Loved you all because of the upfront and grounded presentation. You love what you do and it shows. You are in your flow and I love it when people are not afraid to shine and be their true authentic selves. Thank you!

Jac C.

Participate in the IONS Discovery Lab

Further Our Collective Understanding of Transformation!

As a participant in this workshop you will have the unique opportunity to participate in the IONS Discovery Lab, the largest study ever conducted on how transformative practices and experiences influence well-being and extended human capacities.

This pioneering study, consisting of online surveys taken prior to and following completion of your workshop, offers you a chance to help answer some of the most important research questions on the frontiers of consciousness.

Participation in this research is voluntary, and not required as part of online workshop enrollment. Individual results will not be released — your participation will help accelerate humanity’s potential for transformation.

Inspired by Science, Transformed by Experience

This Possibility Accelerator Experience is designed to deepen the connections to the common ground of reality, and to spark inspiration that will lead us each to our individual moonshots.

Whether your moonshot is a personal goal, a desire for your family or community, or a vision for the world-at-large, we invite you to tune into the interconnected “inner space” of reality to accelerate the possibilities.


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