The Science-Based Process for Manifesting Your Dreams

Master a Groundbreaking Method for Fulfilling Your True Process

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Possibility Accelerator Experience | Manifest a New Reality

The Shift Network and IONS are now offering a new course, The Science-based Process of Manifesting Your Dreams with Kerstin Sjoquist, IONS Director of Experience and Engagement, and Nina Fry-Kizler, IONS Senior Designer, Experiential Programs. This course is a new and improved version of the Possibility Accelerator Experience workshop that IONS has offered since 2019. The new expanded version provides 7 two-hour sessions and includes guest lectures from Dean Radin and Helané Wahbeh.

We invite you to a live course where Kerstin and Nina will guide you through all components of the Possibility Accelerator Formula. You’ll be given a repeatable, customizable process you can use to intentionally manifest your desires into reality by energizing what they call your “Moonshot.”

The Science-Based Process of Manifesting Your Dreams: Master a Groundbreaking Method for Fulfilling Your True Purpose
Every Wednesday starting February 28th
1:00pm – 2:00pm PST

This event is hosted by The Shift Network. Please visit their website for more information.


If you have any questions, please visit The Shift Network’s support page or contact

In this transformational course, you’ll experience a powerful manifestation technique designed to help you step into your greatest purpose, live a life of passion, and turn your deepest desires into reality. This is your chance to uncover effective strategies for eliminating mental and emotional roadblocks and fostering smoother and faster progress in your personal and professional lives.

During this empowering course, you’ll:

  • Discover how to harness the power of your consciousness and awareness to access information and energy beyond the conventional senses
  • Practice using the Reveal process to gain intuitive insights and clarity, enhancing your problem-solving and innovative thinking
  • Explore the scientific foundations of channeling and Reveal experiences, validating their real-world impact beyond cognitive processes
  • Master the Imagine component to focus your intention and use neuroplasticity for manifesting your vision and overcoming resistance to change
  • Learn the science behind human intention and its influence on physical reality, expanding your understanding of mind-body connections
  • Examine the concept of your personal Noetic Signature™ and its role in supporting your Moonshot
  • Combine traditional goal-setting with the Reveal and Imagine practices in the Ignite process, fueling your Moonshot vision with a strategic and holistic approach
  • Create a personalized Ignite plan, integrating all of the Possibility Accelerator Formula components for a surefire path to achieving your dreams
  • Engage in community-building and accountability practices, recognizing their essential role in individual and collective transformation and much more

With Kerstin and Nina as your trusted guides, learn a wealth of practices to get unstuck and propel your vision to new heights. By the end of this course, you’ll be grateful to discover what a powerful manifestor you really are!

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